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Well, Mel is at school, so let's see if I can remember what I've been up to since last week...

Well, Wednesday I've already spoken about, it was the White Rain gig in Kentish Town... Rocked. Then on Thursday morning, I went home, went to Uni, came back here again...

So, Friday... I've no recollection of the day itself right now, I mean, it was like half a week ago, and I'm not the Memory Man or anything... In the evening though, we went to the cinema with Dan, Ian, Alex, Steve etc. Went to see The Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster and Jared Leto. For anybody who is thinking of going to see it, don't. No, I mean it, never ever watch that movie.

The directing (by David Fincher, of Fight Club fame) was good enough, but the movie was without direction, plot, any significant feats of acting talent, and left me feeling like I'd wasted half my day. There was no action, no comedy to speak of, no suspense, no surprise, no fear, nothing. Shockingly bad - the only movies worse than that one that I've ever seen are The Hole and The Gift. Every other movie ever has been better than The Panic Room.

On Saturday, we did reasonably little... Then in the evening, we went to see Rachel Stamp in London. The gig was utterly amazing, I loved it - it ruled. Plus, when we were standing in line outside, we were just down the road from Highbury Corner, on the day Arsenal won the FA cup, so loads of Arsenal fans were driving up and down the road with flags and stuff, beeping their horns. Go us :o)

Anyway, after the gig, we came back here, went to bed, woke up, it was Sunday, so we went to Lakeside to get Pizza Hut, which was yummy. Thinking about getting it again tonight perhaps, depends what Mel wants to do really... Then yesterday... well... actually, I forget. I have a really bad memory lately, which is uncharacteristic.

What I do know is that over the weekend, we've watched Blade Runner, Shrek, The Emperor's New Groove, and a couple of other things... At least I remember something... :o)

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i thought panic room was worthwhile for the directing, but i'm a huge fan of david fincher so i may be slightly biased. the acting/story/plot/score/casting/etc. was, indeed, atrocious.


hehh yay for your week with Mel :). oh.. i feel your pain on the bad memory basis.. *points to self* im the same way heh.. kay well yay and etc..
~the random Lauren~

Wait a second... another truely bad movie to add to that list would be "The postman". I'm sensing a trend...

The Phantom Menace... It's all coming together... Fortunately, Episode II is bereft of a "The" prefix, so it must be good...

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