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Rachel Stamp last night fucking ruled. Consider me a convert :o)

Uh, that's all I have to say for now. Totally wicked :o)

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was wondering what you'd think to it. heheheh.

yes. they did kick much ass last night. moreso than usual. Pink Skab was *awesome* :-D

Out of interest, is there anyone reading this who *hasn't* met someone out of rachel stamp/seen one of them wondering round at a london venue or club at least once?

My sighting: Saw David Ryder Prangly looking as usual like a poor man's Brian Molko at Queen Adreena a while back...


well, technically yes
probly due to the fact of a life lived, thus far, in the wilds of north america

i can't say i have.

and, hey, Brian Molko's bald now ;) hardly a glam icon ;-P

hehe, this is true. I *hate* brian molko. so, so, so much. Just his whole ''Wow, I'm being so inventive and I'm such a sexual terrorist for wearing make-up! And all these labels of 'straight' and 'gay' are a con b/c sexualities fluid, man, even though I'm basically quoting Michael Stipe and have never had a full-blown homosexual episode in my life...'' schtick

So him being bald can only be a plus point :)

hehehe. i think the best one was in NME, when they had a picture of him at.. erm.. T In The Park last year, i think. full bald patch showing, with the caption "Placebo give a blinding performance" ;)

hehehe, i think i remember that issue.
See how sex-glam you can be with pattern baldness, asshole! argh, karma's so gonna get me...

look, look, it's tom, look!

Oh you'll pay for this Martyn, don't think you won't. B/c even if you're comparing me to the cat rather than the tard holding it, that has to be the most spectacularly stupid looking cat I've ever seen.
Oh and you still look like Emily Bronte, so deal :P


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