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Credit Card
Just ordered tickets for Charlie's Angels tomorrow night at 11pm at the Odeon in Brighton for the whole flat. £50 out of my account. Yeesh. I'll get paid back, obviously, but still... We're going to Pizza Hut before that too, which is even more expense... Ugh... Anyway, it'll be good fun - a proper night out for the lot of us. Pretty neat :o)

More extracts from the past. Now we go to the Friday of my being here, followed by the Saturday:
Still woke up wanting to die. Yet AGAIN. Wore off after going outside for a while, but is still present. Everybody was in the kitchen when I came back, so I couldn't make my bacon (Alex is a veggie but likes the smell of bacon - I want to be nice). But later... Still can't believe York House or whatever it is has f'ing locks on the cupboards. How sucky... Fiona has been seriously getting on my tits, so I just gave her the brush-off. Then discover that Fiona is a rather scary needy clingy individual. Worse than David and myself combined. Went to registration, the station, and the library with Mice. Waited in a good signal area for Mice's phone call from her friend for an hour, before finally giving up on it. Ate superb bacon fried in butter and sugar. Went to Mice's room for a good few hours, playing on computer and reading

Hmm... Now for Saturday:
Woke up at noon - thank God for Saturdays, eh... Went to watch England - Germany in East Slope Bar. Sadly, we lost 1-0. Still, can't grumble. Had a nice glass of JD + Coke. Very nice indeed, something I could get used to... Back at the flat at 5pm - doesn't feel at all like it, but there you go. Been playing cards - feels like late afternoon, when it is in fact 7pm. Oh well... We're hosting the biggest most kick-ass party here soon, it looks like... Fixed Claire's stereo which was knocking out the power - I figured it was the plug, Mice figured it was the earth wire, James (maths guy, friend of Vicky's) fixed it. Neato :o) Played more chess against Mice (mostly winning, more or less), did some drawing... Claire says that her two aims in life are to know everything, and to have the perfect body. Ha! She need only concentrate on the learning then...

Anyhow, that's all for now... More soon :o)


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