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I hate when I get convinced of the utter futility of my own pointless existence. It's (obviously) not the most cheering of thoughts. It's AI that does it though, that's what it is... Choosing to do an AI degree was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, and if my predictions about how badly I'm about to fail my second year, that could get itself upgraded to the biggest.

Now, when I talk about it as a mistake, I don't mean that choosing AI was the worst thing I could have done - there are worse subjects to do. However, there was a better answer, and choosing AI could prove to be the thing that screws me up for the next few years...

To be honest, my main problem with it is that it's too in-depth. That is to say, it's just far more complicated than I care about. Computer Vision was a fun course, until it started getting overly complex and I stopped caring about the techniques and stuff. Natural Language Processing was also really good fun, and really interesting, until it went past the material that was really clever and ought to be intuitive, and started on obscure things that I didn't care about.

Frankly, I'm not sure what I was thinking. A few times over the past couple of years I've been really glad I did AI, but that's only because for the most part, I'm always wishing I hadn't. Sure, it'll get me a job someday (if I ever finish the degree), but then again, wouldn't anything? Perhaps I should have stuck with straight maths, seems the logical thing - hence why next year, I'm not doing any AI courses.

I mean honestly, what was I thinking? Grade A Mathematics A-level. Grade A Further Mathematics A-level. A First in Cambridge's special maths paper. And I barely went to any lessons for the whole two years. I used to come home at lunch, then delete the messages from my teachers off the answerphone before my mother got to them. If I made it to half the lessons over the two years, it would surprise me. And yet I blew away every single other student at my school.

And then, having surpassed both Oxford and Cambridge's offers by two points and a grade on the special paper, I then come to Sussex to do half a degree on AI. Am I the only person who sees something wrong with this picture? I don't regret coming to Sussex for a second - I love this Uni so much, but AI? Please....

I keep thinking back to the first week of Uni, when I first met Jimbo... He was doing Geography, but had decided that he didn't want to do that, and that he wanted to change to a Biology course. And for a second, I was tempted. I was as good at Biology as I was at Maths, and would have been as good at Chemistry if it weren't for the fact that I missed entire modules of it and never caught up properly. I could've done any of them at Uni, and it would've been interesting.

So I pick AI.


Don't mind me. I'm just annoyed that I've just read through a 12 page report for the seminar in a couple of minutes, not understood a single concept in it, and I'm about to die getting asked stuff about it in a group situation. There's three weeks of the second year left after this one, in which I need to actually learn what this course is on about, then learn the content from Symbolic AI, Logic, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing... Now, I know that Symbolic AI is AI in Java, so I can do that mostly. Just need to revise from my notes. Logic, well, that's all Prolog, and I have a big book on it, and I think I understand the principles, if not the practices. Computer Vision, well, I think I can revise that. NLP, I think I just need to get hold of some past papers and see what they're asking, then go do research.

Anyhow, yeah, so, seminar time... Time to get screwed over again by the fact that this course is just stupid.

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bring some work to mine.. :)
I have quite a bit to do as well...

*sigh* you two are *so* romantic ;)

Getting work out the way is a good idea cause then there is more time to "be romantic" in the evening ;-)


heh, you're great :)

i think the insanity of choosing AI comes from doing too much maths over the years ;) thats gotta screw with your head, right :p

btw, your existence is not pointless :)

Well it's not pointless right now ;o)

- Jamie

lmfao. i really *don't* want to know what is making your existence great right now..... i think i already know :P

its late.. go to bed ;)

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