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Train rides often destroy my faith in humanity... Take my train ride back to Brighton just now, for example - all I could hear in the next compartment was this utter townie wanker, slipping some variation on the word "fuck" into every other sentence, talking about everybody in his life with as little respect as possible. On the other hand, while my faith in humanity is often damaged, my faith in myself as a decent human being is somewhat bettered - I get to feel all smug and superior after things like that.

So anyhow, last night utterly rocked. White Rain were totally excellent, and the whole gig was fantastic. They played a cover of Radiohead's "Thinking About You" which was so well done, along with a load of other great songs. Then, because the third support band cancelled, they played Id as well, which totally rocked - that was like the highlight of my evening, I love that song. Mel didn't get to sing unfortunately, which was a damned shame since I would love to hear that... Still, I sang along to the verses in a voice far too high for a person of my gender. Thankfully nobody could hear me ;o)

Anyhow, I've come to the conclusion now (if not before) that White Rain are a f'ing excellent band. Dan and Ian showed off quite a bit throughout the gig, but it all fitted in really well with everything, and they both sounded great. I've got nothing but praise for the whole band :o)

Anyway, time for me to do some work, go to a seminar, and then go back to Essex tonight :o)

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does *anyone* have anything by white rain recorded in any format? i'm intrigued :)

The band should be making their demo CD available SOON (or at least that is what Mel keeps telling me, hehe).

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