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Ugh... Right at the last minute, they've changed the system for Maths and Artificial Intelligence final year course choices... They've added a third option for me to choose, which would have allowed me to do courses I might have preferred... Right now, I'm not doing any AI courses in my final year, I'm just doing Maths and Biology ones, but with this system, I might have been able to do more AI. Then again, I probably wouldn't want to change - I like the maths courses, they look interesting. And I have an AI project for my final year, so it's not like I won't be doing any AI - just not in lessons, that's all...

Anyhow, just finished getting ready to go out tonight to the gig... It's going to be great :o)

In the course of getting ready, I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes. I think it's natural light or something, but whatever it is, it was making them look so nice. I dunno, I get a little narcissistic about my eyes on occasion, because they really are my best feature. They look kinda like fractals sometimes, and have all sorts of patterns in them. In fact, my eyes are one of the main reasons why my hair is blonde. See, for some reason, I really don't tend to like bright eyes and dark hair (there are exceptions of course), so I have to have light hair so that I can like my eyes. Or something.

Enough babble, time to think about going :o)

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See, for some reason, I really don't tend to like bright eyes and dark hair (there are exceptions of course),

::feels all offended:: :-P

Strangely enough, i love the contrast of dark eyes and bright eyes. In fact i'm a sucker for it.

yeah, i like that too. especially dark brown/black hair and bright blue eyes.

Hmm... that's what I naturally have, and I just really don't like it... :o\

I said there were exceptions :o)

hey, that reminds me...
if one doesnt belong to the 14/mtv demographic is it permissable to say you are hawt?
hehe, couldnt resist
anyway... from your pic, which is never up to life, your eyes look quite dark with the blond hair. so i suppose you made a trad off, and as long as you be happy with you, thats all that matters, right? and you got the 14 year olds all in a tizzy, which must be a good thing

Well I guess I haven't forbidden it, so I think you're probably allowed...

And yeah, the pic really makes my eyes look brown, which is weird, since they're really really not, under any lighting conditions...

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