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Just watched an awful film. Wonder Boys. I'm not sure what it was trying to be, but while there was decent content, the whole thing didn't come together at all. The plot devices were all really obvious, and the whole plot was so contrived.

An example is that the movie partly centers around Michael Douglas' character and another woman getting together over the course of the plot - in order that we sympathise with him and don't judge him, we never see his wife, and the movie makes sure that his mistress' husband ends the movie on a high note, so that we don't turn around and say "Wait, isn't this movie really about breaking up two marriages?". If it had any redeeming features, it was seeing Robert Downey Jr in bed with Spiderman (whoever the guy who plays him is, I forget). That was very amusing.

Of course, a large part of the movie was about writing and stuff, and from that point of view, I found it interesting. That was the solitary reason I didn't just leave the room half-way through (or earlier) - it managed to interest me just enough to make me sit through it. Didn't really teach me anything about writing I hadn't already heard of course, but it made me remember this promise I made myself when I hit 2000 posts in my journal. That being that as soon as my journal hits 5000 entries, I'll start writing my book. I figure 5000 entries (including those irritating one-liners I write every so often) is enough practice at just writing, and that it's a good way of measuring readiness. That gives me another 2050 posts before I have to actually think up what my book is going to be about. All I know is that it's important that I write one.

Tomorrow's plan is fairly simple - go to London at some point, then meet up with Danuek at Kentish Town station at about 7:45pm. Then I get to go see White Rain (Mel's band) play a gig - I can't wait, it's going to be so cool :o)

And on a music theme, I recorded this for Mel a few weeks ago, then forgot to put it on her birthday CD. I thought I'd stick it here for download, even though the vocals towards the end need a lot more work. I sang this song to her on the beach, the first day we were together (March 23rd)... So here it is:

IOU One Galaxy

Enjoy. Or otherwise.

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and *I* actually thought that Wonder Boys is one of the 3 best movies of 2001, the other two being Moulin Rouge and Mulholland Drive..... but yeah, I keep forgetting that people have different opinions;-)

Must admit, I loved Wonder Boys as well. But it seems I'm one of the only ones. Oh well.

Off to watch Moulin Rouge again, odd since that's what made me comment on your journal to begin with.

It's been an odd kind of day though. Disease, injury and a heavy dose of self depricating sarcasm makes life a bit interesting eh?


I just listened to your song a couple of times, and I really like it. Despite what you may say about your own abilities, the lead part is really good, as are the vocals (mainly - there was only one really off-note I noticed) - In fact, the whole song is damn good. You should upload some more of your original stuff.

Also, regarding what you said in another post about how you just want to write, play music or generally create things, I totally understand - I'm exactly the same way. Don't ever give up on your dreams is all I can (cheezily) say - Don't ever stop making songs or writing or drawing. Don't ever settle for a creatively unfulfilled existence. The more you do it, the better you'll get, and the easier it'll become. You're obviously very talented, so good luck and keep on making things!


(mainly - there was only one really off-note I noticed)

If you knew the original, you'd be able to spot about ten... :o)

There's more stuff, if you're interested, here:

All recorded under the name "Suckers for Self Destruction"...

As for the rest, thanks, I'm trying my hardest not to let the world get me down and shape me into what's expected of me, but it's very difficult at times. The world wants me to study math, and get a degree, and get a nice job, and I've sort of expected that of myself for the last decade or so. So it takes some effort to do what I really want to do...

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