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Brought back the remainder of my backups from before my format... All on my hard disk now, for all the good it does me. Just looking through a lot of stuff - there's so many memories of the past 18 months in there. Webcam pictures I took in my first days at Uni... Chat logs from people from years ago... Saved LiveJournal pages, complete with their old userpics and everything... Lots of old stuff...

Renting a video with Jimbo later - it's cheaper than going out clubbing, and frankly, it's more fun. Neither of us are in the mood for going out, so we're just going to get some food (well, I am), a video, and have a night in. I need sugar, I've eaten too much savoury stuff today (toast, mostly)... Plus, I want to be able to get to London tomorrow, which means I need change for the ticket machines, since all I have are the new tenners, which don't work.

I'm contemplating a thoughtful rant, but I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking, so it's hard to write it down :o)


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