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Bah, since I don't feel like I can sing or play guitar right now, I refer you to two earlier recordings, because I'm bored, and for some reason, I want people to listen to my music...

Again I Go Unnoticed
Age Six Racer

Both are Dashboard Confessional covers... That is all.

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Well of an aural sort yes - resulted in the same facial expression! ;0)

is nobody safe from the emo scourge?
"we are the emo. resistance is futile."

I have covers of non-emo songs too though :o)

well, that's good. and to be fair, i did go see dashboard last time he came around. but the twat played with a full band, thus destroying the fragile nature of 1.guy_w/acoustic.guitar, which was the whole appeal in the first place! so yeah, i was totally disillusioned.

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