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Well, panic over... I finished the project up as best I could, and uploaded it via FTP to the University computers. I'm currently in on a telnet just checking that everything is OK, before I write up my final report (should take about 30 minutes), and hand it all in.... I hate this shit... My project can only get marks up to 50% for what I've done (adding a GarbageDisposal class (impossible with my current problem) would put it up to 65%, adding different types of student to 75%, and multiple garbage disposal and drinks machines to 100%). But the important thing is that I finish it, and hand it in. I'm off to write my report now. Bye :o)

(PS - many thanks to my father who tried to help me sort out the problem - ta for the help, it's nice to know that I can at least talk to somebody about it, even if all the solutions aren't completely to hand :o)


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