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np: Erasure - Am I Right

I love this song so much... For the moment, my room is a temple to Late Eighties / Early Nineties Synth Pop/Rock. Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, OMD...

But yeah, this song. Erasure's sixth album, Chorus, was released in October of 1991, at around the time that Love To Hate You was released (I think - I was only 9)... Anyhow, I got the album for my tenth birthday, along with a two-deck tape player / radio combo. Loved the whole thing (still do), but one of my favourite tracks was Am I Right...

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, me and my family went to see a stage production of The Wind in the Willows, performed by Richard Briers among others. Anyhow, in addition to that, I went to an acting class, The Weasel Workshop, which was all about learning how to act like the animals in the play or something. Sounds kinda lame when I talk about it, but it was good fun. Anyway, there was this girl there that I thought was really pretty (remember, I had just turned ten). Well, when we left, we were in the car, and the radio was on. Am I Right by Erasure came on the radio, and when I looked out of the window, that girl was in the car next to ours.

Funny, the things you remember from more than ten years ago... Anyhow, I think my point was also that this was the first song that I heard on the radio after I heard it elsewhere. When it came on the radio, I can remember thinking "Wow, I know this song, I've got it!"... Much in the same way that I feel whenever I hear Saves the Day, or Everclear, or Live on the radio - it's that feeling that I had it before the rest of the world heard it on Radio 1 or something...

Anyway, this is yet another case of me just writing down random thoughts. I have a lot of them over the course of a day, and if I wrote them all down my journal would be a lot larger than the 3000 odd posts it is now :o)

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Write them down anyway.... :-P

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