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Good grief, it's early... As in, like, really early... I woke up at 9am, having gone to bed wanting to wake at that time, so I could see how Mel did at school. And, as I predicted, she did just fine, and they were okay. Yay :o)

Listening to bits of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack right now... It's funny, my favourite vocal parts from Ewan aren't any of his songs, for some reason. They are

"The courtesan and sitar man, are pulled apart by an evil plan" from when they pitch the idea to the Duke
"'cause it's good for your mind" from when they're dancing in the Moulin Rouge
"How wonderful life is now you're in the world" from Fly Away, sung all in minor key or something...
"My gift is my song" from the final medley at the end

Anyhow, I'll wait a bit, then go nuts on guitar for the day - haven't got any lectures for hours yet (yes, I actually got up several hours before lectures :o)


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