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Constant Absenteeism
But no, wait, there's a good reason. I'm doing my Programming assessment. I just went to the computer labs, e-mailed all my work to myself here, then came back, picked it up, and I'm now working on it from home. The computer labs will be full of people desperately trying to beat the deadline, and I'd hate to be taking up a computer that some other person could use. So I'll do the work here, and I start at 11am. Two hours on the code, an hour on the report, and then submit it. Should be fun. Until then, have some extracts from my "other" journal. Yes, the journal I kept while I was offline here. Let's start at the start... :o)
4th October 2000
Went out drinking with James, Megan, Annie, Joyce, Louise and somebody else. Drank a rather minimal 6 brandies, and Annie decided that was enough so I agreed (reluctantly). This was all a prelude to going to the Gangster night, so we went on there next. Met up with Mice (flatmate) and Fiona (in retrospect, ugly minger) on the way to the thing. Unfortunately, for some reason it all closes too soon and we don't go in. Grrr. We then all go back to the flat, chat for a while, and then I go to bed. End of the first day :o)

And now for the next day:
5th October 2000
It's now 7:40am and I think I'm the only one up - figures. Bloody student types, all lazy. Wish I could be right now... Really, I think it'd be best if I died right about now - that would remind me to drink water in future. I'm hungover to hell, and it's not much fun at all. Ugh... And six brandies on a relatively empty stomach is from this day on to be declared "stupid" by all... Anyhow, I just got back from a thing about computers and stuff. Boring, mostly, but heck... Played some guitar for a bit, and Annie could tell what I was playing from the next room - I'm impressed at myself (although not the volume I must be playing at...). Played guitar for them in the dining area - vaguely fun. Ebs is better than me though :o)
Right, well I've now done all my registration and got my cheques et al sorted - tres groovy. I can now fund myself (dunno for how long though). Fresher's ball tonight, and Vicky kindly got my ticket before they sold out, must pay her back for that in a bit. We're going to the Grapevine first, then on to the ball.
Ugh, it's now 4am. Whoops. Ugh. Went to the fresher's ball, after going to the Grapevine for drinks (and when I say drinks, I really mean drinks. I can barely walk, let alone type). Danced with Fiona who then proceeded to try to clean my boots with her tongue via my throat. And stupid stupid stupid stupid me, I was too drunk to say no. Damnit. Could this be a sign from God to swear off alcohol forever? Because I think that might be a good idea in light of these events. And talk about a bad kisser... Ugh... Anyway, I'm back home now, I'm safe, and I'm drinking a lot of water...

I won't post any more right now, but in case you're wondering, the next day I basically told Fiona to f**k off. Cruel, I know, but when you read it you'll understand exactly why I did it and stuff. Anyhow, time to do some work, I think. More later on :o)

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rememeber remember

listen to me when I tell you to drink water foolish child (ok so your technically and adult and technically older than me but this is no way near the damn point :oP )

it DOES work silly :oP

Re: rememeber remember

Twit... Of course I drink water. This is two months ago, this stuff :o)

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