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First grade teacher's name: Mrs Gamble, although Mrs Wagstaff filled in for her in the first term
Last word you said: I've not said a word since I said goodbye to Mel, so probably "I love you"
Last song you sang: Id, by White Rain, at Fenchurch Street Station, actually...

What's in your CD player: No idea, it's downstairs. But I'm listening to This is Not An Exit by Saves the Day on Winamp
What color socks are you wearing: Black
What's under your bed: Boxes. Tons of boxes.
What time did you wake up today: About 9:30am I would guess

Where do you want to go: Essex
What is your career going to be: Something that does good people, like kids or something...
Where are you going to live:
How many kids do you want: Two or three, if possible
What kind of car will you have: I don't mind

Current mood: Tired
Current music: No Use for a Name - On the Outside
Current taste: Wine Gums
Current hair: Blonde, roots just coming through
Current clothes: Red t-shirt, grey jeans, green boxers
Current annoyance: The blister that's threatening to come through on my thumb from too much bass
Current smell: My room, still smells of new carpet
Current longing: Mel
Current desktop picture: It's blank
Current favorite artist: Salvador Dali
Current book: An ai text book...
Current color of toenails: Standard
Current worry: I try to stay carefree
Current crush: Mel
Current time-wasting wish: To be wasting time with Mel
Current hate: Trains

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(Deleted comment)
Yes. Are you thinking of the Douglas Adams reference? If so, in what book is Fenny a character? I can't remember...

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I could remember having read whatever book it is, but couldn't remember which one that was :o)

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