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Right, looks like bedtime to me... Spent the evening looking at Star Wars posters in Brighton, watching Star Wars trailers online, and thinking about Episode 3. It's going to rule on so many levels...

Anyhow, goodnight all. Last night sleeping alone for a while - thank God for that, sleeping alone sucks :o\

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Episodes 2 and 3 do look hopefuly, as long as Lucas applies the lessons learned in Episode 1 (i.e. people really really hate Jar-Jar.)

So, in case you haven't seen this already, it should amuse you greatly:

WOW! If that is U I think am in luv! Tell me u live in newcastle!>!.? lol...SOrry!

Just thought Id tell ya ya phuckin' lush...Sorry again...Hope u havnt got a gf thats gonna kick me arse! lol

Did I say ur pretty...Lol...Sorry!

Ok thats it! Plzzzz Reply ill add ya on me friends list coz ur pretty!

Luv flickety flic your porno chick

This is the girlfriend, who will gladly kick your ass

*smiles sweetly*

*gets out shotgun*

sorry, what were you saying?

You did check to make sure the shotgun was loaded right?

*holds up cartridges*


Thanks Al :)

*loads shotgun*

*evil laugh*

kids these days really need to get an education:

"me arse"
"ur pretty"
"on me"
"coz ur"

doesnt this kind of crap annoy you? jamie, m'dear, do you get people like this all the time?

you're fuckin' gorgeous.

<3 marlene

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