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Rapidly Changing Mood
Grrr... That was annoying. Claire and our Claire just had a phone call together - our Claire then went out to the bar, saying that she wasn't going to talk about the call, and giving me a funny look. This panicked me quite a bit - was it Claire who'd rung, thus removing any suspicion that it was low credit that was the problem? Is our Claire pissed at me for talking to Claire, since she freaked before, and I'd not told her about it? I was rather concerned.... And gutted too, since I'd not had a message, and just figured she didn't like me. Oh well, you lose some, and you lose some...

But no! Wait! I start watching the X Files, and suddenly the screen starts flickering and I hear the familiar boop-booper-boop-booper-boop on my speakers. Text message! And it's from Claire, saying something akin to "Hey sweety, hope you're watching the x-files". I must say, I like this message. A swift response is in order, so I send that. We talk a bit more in text messages, and she tells me that she's coming down again on the 8th of December - a week after my birthday - 16 days away. Hooray!!!

Anyway, she's gone to bed now. But it means I can send her a message or two in the morning, since I know she's talking to me - I feel well happy with myself. It's a good life, isn't it? :o) Now I'm watching Ally McBeal, such a wonderful advertisement for anorexia... Oh yay. Oh, and I've eaten, so yay for food. That's about it... :o)

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The use of the work "sweetie" is VASTLY good news.

Re: Hurrah!

Agreed. :)

Or just something she does by nature, thus proving nothing :o)

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