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And thus the bad habits start already. It's 10:40am, I don't have a lecture for 50 minutes, and I'm just going to go home and be a bum all day. How can I get away with it? Like this...

Next lecture is maths. I know maths. Group Theory was my favourite and best subject at a-level next to Complex Numbers, and they're not up to anywhere NEAR the level I was at three years ago. I might question my ability to remember, but my performance last lesson proved that I still have a good recollection of the subject. So that's my 11:30 and 14:00 lectures sorted. My 12:30 lecture is on Non Symbolic AI, but that should be easy enough, because all the lecture notes are on the Internet, so I can do the work from home. I have text books, I have the 'net, it's easy :o) And then my 16:00 seminar isn't on this week - seminars start next week. So basically, I have nothing worth attending.

This is, perhaps, a dangerous approach. However, I'll be fine. Next week I may be mising my 9:15 on Thursday morning, but at this rate, I'll be able to go do the work tonight (if I have a sheet), and hand it in tomorrow, a week and a half before the deadline for it. If I hand in the work before the seminar, then it'll be easy ;o)

Yay, I'm doing well, and I'm happy. I might go down to the beach now... :o)

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you officially suck :p me? jealous? nah! ;)

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