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Right, and I now know my coursework for my AI course this term:
Assessed Programming Project
Your program should implement a 3 layer Artificial Neural Net (ANN), with 4 Input nodes, 4 Hidden nodes and 2 Output nodes. The Hidden nodes each receive weighted inputs from all of the previous Input layer, plus a bias; the Output nodes likewise from the Hidden layer. Sigmoid transfer functions [ 1/(1+e^(-x)) ] should be used at nodes where appropriate. Using this ANN code, two separate training methods should then be implemented, for training the weights and biases on any set of Input/Output training examples:-
Firstly, a separate training part of the program should be written such that this ANN can have its weights and biases trained by back-propagation (or a variant).

Secondly, you should write an alternative Genetic Algorithm training method for finding suitable values for all the weights and biases of the same network. Appropriate methods for encoding all the weights and biases on the genotype should be used, and a suitable fitness function designed.

You should then use independently each training method, backprop and GA, on a version of the 4-bit parity problem. Here the 4 inputs can be any combination of 0s and 1s, and the desired target output of the first Output node is (as close as possible to) 0.0 when there is an even number of input 1s (i.e. 0, 2 or 4 1s) and 1.0 otherwise; the desired target for the second Output node is the opposite (1.0 for even, 0.0 for odd).

Each training method, backprop and GA, should be optimised as far as possible, and then a comparison drawn between performance with the two methods. Is this problem more appropriate for one method than the other?
Seems reasonably okay... I mean sure, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks are not my strongest suit, but then again, what is? :o)

Actually, I already know the answer to that - maths. Once more I've been reassured of how easy it can be at times. Despite the fact that I've missed a week's worth of lectures on Group Theory already, and not attended a single one, the workshop I had this morning was, shall we say, piss easy. And the secret? Further Maths a-level.

Seriously, anybody considering maths at degree level should do Further Maths - it makes life so simple. Well, assuming you can recall things from three years ago like I have been... The questions were all fairly simple - I got to my class ten minutes late, started working, and had completed the sheet within 50 minutes. Everybody else, on the other hand, was up to about question 3 (of 8) after an hour. I'd have finished sooner, but I was explaining what we were doing to everybody around me. Yes, I'm feeling smug, well I deserve to...

I'm really pleased with myself. I kept asking the tutor if I could prove things a certain way (i.e. rather than go through all the axioms of a given group, just say "This is isomorphic to Z4, the relationship is this, ergo it's a group", but there's probably only Ste who'll understand what I mean there), and he kept explaining that I should probably just stick to what we've learned in lectures for now. Heh :o)

So yeah, finished within the class time, rather than (as is normally the case) taking the work home and finishing it there over the course of a couple of hours.

So yeah, all is good. Except that Thursday is now a day of evil, which is out to kill me. I have a 9:15 maths class, an 11:30 maths lecture, a 12:30 AI lecture, a 14:00 maths lecture, and a 16:00 AI seminar. Given that no other day has more than two classes, this is annoying. Especially since the only day on which I finish past 1:30pm (aside from Thursdays) is Monday, and I can finish at half noon if I just miss maths. Which I can afford to do, since I know half this topic already, as evidenced above.

Ah, I'm feeling happy though. It's good to be back at Uni, and to be actually attending. I think I'll enjoy this term :o)

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(Deleted comment)
To keep with traditional naming, we'll just call it Evilday.

1) i didnt understtand a fucking word of that assignment. lol. you must be intelligent :D

2) yes, thursday is the day of evil. i was on the train at 8 and will get home at 6. bleurgh. shall we officially rename it? because, you have to admit, The Day of Evil (tm) sounds far better than thursday, no?

yes, im still in a weird mood :D

Um, yeah, what I said to the other one :o)

Further maths is the most evil subject in the world.

*nods knowingly*

I loved it. It gave me an A :o)

I started off badly in the first week and never managed to catch up..

In the end I went down to A/S further and then eventually to just A-Level.... even then I only got a D..

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