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One minute fourty three seconds.

That's how long it takes between me picking up the beautiful Squier Precision Bass I'm borrowing, and a representative of my flat letting me know that everybody present has unanimously voted that I stop playing it.


I mean, they have a point. Loud bass at 9:30pm isn't what everybody wants, especially since my room is directly over the kitchen, but still.... I have decided to knock the bass off for about six hours, then whack some Tool on the computer, turn it right up, and play house-shaking bass along to it. Fuck 'em all :o)

But yes, I'm now officially the bassist in a band, having had our first practise. I've got Green Day - Hitchin' A Ride nailed now, provided that the tab is what Mark said. And if not, it doesn't matter, since it sounds okay with the rest of the band. Rob is actually really good - better than I remembered.

Anyhow, am on a high from being vaguely not-shite today... :o)

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"Loud bass at 9:30pm isn't what everybody wants"

yes it is, but i'm biased since i play the bass as well.

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