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Should write some more blx, but I can't be arsed right now.... Need inspiration right now, none of the ideas I've got sound funny enough to me. So I think I'll just get to recording some more music - I do so love it :o)

Oh, and I'm writing a song. But more on that much later....

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I can't tell you, because it's for you... :o)

for me??

awww! that's so sweet :)

Now you know "My lovely horse" is not about Mel! ;0)

"My lovely horse running through the ... field!"

Is that a reference to Father Ted?


excuse me if I am just being dumb :P

Yay well don eMel ... have a house point it is indeed a Father Ted analogy ... totally out of context but hey ... it made me laugh! :0)

I got it. I just didn't laugh :o)

Heh ... no a sense of humour is often required for that particular activity! :0)

Ha, you are funny!!

Yes thats what the doctor said when I was born ... shortly before he tried to drown me! ;0)

When I thought it was father ted, I laughed. A lot.

That was such a good episode.
The thought of Jamie singing it...


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