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Ecstatic Squeals
No, she didn't call. Oh well, I can live without her, now that I have my Internet Connection in my room. Yes, that's right - this very post is coming from there, where I'm currently downloading Sun's JDK1.1 so that I can do my coursework from here, rather than going down to the overly full computing labs in COGS. Now all I need to do is FTP my files off the COGS server (slightly harder), and then I'm all set. Until then, it's chatting over ICQ and MSN (low bandwidth, thankfully), and generally pissing about (like this LJ post, for example).

Since you last saw me, I've done nothing. Absolutely sweet Fanny Adams. I went to an AI lecture, but it was almost empty due to the number of idiots who'd left their programming to the last day. FOOLS! They'll have a hard time, I can assure them... The lecture finished 10 minutes early because she decided that some of the material would fit in better with the subject of the next one, but really it was just because there's no point teaching if there's nobody there to be taught...

I'm popular again, suddenly. It's all "You have the Internet in your room??", and rather than explain that I do not in fact have several terrabytes of data stored in my room, I merely answer "Yes". To which they respond "Could you get me....". And so it begins - everybody wants MP3s and such. Yay, they now depend on me for their entertainment - I feel good. And it means people can send e-mails without having to walk through the rain to crowded computer labs. Ah, I rock... More soon :o)

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Never mind angel you can do better, but sure she was lovely. Lets be honest now you can have the love of your life in your room all the time, oh sweet sweet internet connection. Look its even made you more popular!

Greets to you. Sorry, couldn't resist it :-)

Now, of course, you have no idea who I am, but if our good James has ever rambled on about an insane Norwegian, then it's either me or Byers. Uhm. Ta :-)

Once upon a time.....

there lived a nice but very poor student. Now this student lived way down in the south of the country and while he had plenty of brain he had very little money. It was whispered in the magic wood that this lack of money was due to a curse. Apparantly a wicked warlock called Al Cohol did steal this money while the student was still young and naive. Luckily the student did discover this curse and did try to remove it. Try as he might he could not remove it completely but he did seem to manage it better. Indeed, the student found that he was able to buy some food with the money that he manage to hide from Al Cohol. Although he did have to go to the village of Over Draft to seek help.

He started daydreaming of a time when he could once again attain money, for he did wish to use some on an "axe" so that he could improve the dexterity of his fingers. However, more evil was afoot.

It appears that a telling bone did appear in his hovel, however it was without magic and was silent. But one day this telling bone did come to life and it allowed the student to commune with many using a net. The student saw that this was good, no more would he need to travel to the land of COGS, to sneak into the lab so that he might update his journal. Indeed many of the tribe saw that this telling bone, when attached to the student's magic box, could bring many wonders into their lives. The student himself saw that he could use He Males to make more communication with friends. He even found an Icy queue which he thought was good.

Alas while all these good things did happen the telling bone was also stealing his money. By what magic this was achieved is a mystery, but it transpired that during the next cycle of the moon a Man date did remove much money from the student. Oh woe was the student when he saw how much had been taken. For verily, the student once had a slave called Beattie who did his netting for no cost, which was certainly cheaper than using the Demon. But now this new telling bone uses a high tariff to rob the student, who is really very nice and lets others from his tribe to load down many wonders.

And they all lived happily ever after, except the poor student who sank deeper into the mire until even the people of Over Draft could help him.

The End(?)

Re: Bedtime Story

"And they all lived happily ever after, except the poor student who sank deeper into the mire until even the people of Over Draft could help him."

Wow, that makes a lot of sense... *goes around and spends as much money as possible, trying to sink into the mire, so that the people of Over Draft *can* __help__ me*

You teach English, da?

(Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

My Dad will kick your arse when he sees this

(OK, not quite true, but still...)

Oh no!!!!!

All that effort, only to be completely ruined by the lack of a 3 lettered word......not! (that's the word that was missing, not an allusion to Wayne & Garth).

I bet this never happened to the brothers Grimm or H C Anderson. Maybe Kafka would understand??? But then again, why should he, after all:

a) I've never understood him (at least I find his stuff incredibly difficult to read - I always blame the translation)

b) He's dead.

Re: Bedtime Story

Its Becca, hello! Nice story, ummmmm nasty telling bone, my poor poor james, what ever will some one do with you?

I dunno honey, got any suggestions? ;o)

Re: Bedtime Story

no not one, sorry poppet! Becca xxx

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