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It's about time I updated this thing... Let's see if I can remember how to do it :o)

So anyhow, I came back to Uni on Saturday. I've missed this place so much - I love my house here. I love the food I eat here. I just love it. Anyhow, so, yes, I'm back. It also means ADSL again, which I had been missing. Then a couple of hours later, Mel came down to see me, which was nice. Hung out for a couple of days here, then a couple of days at her house - that's the way to do it :o)

I think I've already talked about the pub in Romford (four minutes on my first aftershock, go me)... Saw two of the people out of Sugar Coma there, incidentally. That's Sugar Coma who were described by Top of the Pops as being "really rock and roll". Nice, bet they loved that....

Anyhow, the next couple of days with Mel ruled. We saw The Fast and the Furious, Moulin Rouge, Cruel Intentions... Hung out with Dan, Ian and Jaime at the park in Upminster a bit, went to Dan's for a bit... All in all, had a good time... :o)

Oh, random note - saw Jess at Paddington earlier. Would have gone to the Cooper Temple Clause gig with her and Mel, but I had a prior engagement. Came home, after a long wait on the train, and went to the Pressure Point (which is just down the road from me, opposite Domino's), to a gig with Shanu. Also present were Mark, Rob, Sarah, Petra... Anyhow, let's see if I can give an opinion on the bands...

The PlayBoyKings
Quite good - three of them, lots of good songs. Drummer was reasonable, bassist was okay, guitarist was excellent. This is how Tom from Blink wants to sound - he did vocals, lead guitar, and rhythm guitar. All at once. I was very impressed. They were good...

The name really really really doesn't make them sound any straighter than they look.... No offence to them, but they all showed up strongly on the old gaydar... They would have been a great band, perhaps the highlight of my evening, were it not for the fact that at no point did they get the sound levels right. The second guitarist was inaudible, both on his guitar and backing vocals (which was a shame, because when he did sing backing, he sounded excellent). There wasn't a single song where everything was balanced right, which really is a shame.

Pop punk, very generic, some might say boring, but I loved it. I'll have to get hold of some of their stuff at some point, because it's really very much in line with the sort of music I enjoy. Can't think of much to say about them, except that any band that has a sax as a proper instrument in lots of songs is worthy of respect :o)

4ft Fingers
Wicked gig, the headliners of the evening were really quite good. They got better as time progressed - they started out a bit naff, but the more alcohol they had, and the more annoying the white trash that was standing at the front became, the better they did.

Anyhow, so yeah, that was cool.... Anyway, it's bedtime now....

I miss you

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