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Right, so anyhow... At Mel's now - got here last night. We went out to a pub in Romford (ick), which was fun. Many people I knew there, which was reassuring :o)

Watched highlights of the Arsenal match on the big screen - woo, we went top of the Premiership with a game in hand. This is good. My two teams will win their respective leagues, if I'm lucky (B&HA in the 2nd, Arsenal in the Premier league). Anyhow, so yes, am happy about that.

Did Aftershock last night with everybody. They all got blue and red and made purple to drink, but on account of how I was an Aftershock-Virgin, I decided to start off just with a shot of the blue stuff. While all the others swallowed it after 30 seconds, I kept it in my mouth for four minutes, just to make Ian think I was going to beat his 15 minute record. When I go to Freak with Mel, I'll have to challenge Ian to some sort of duel - see who can keep the aftershock in their mouth the longest. Although it'll probably be slightly painful - right now, I still can't quite feel the inside of my mouth, and it's been over 12 hours. Still, it was fun, and technically makes me l33t ;o)

Anyway, that is all :o)


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