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Howdy kids

Back down in Brighton now, for good (well, ish)... Moved back yesterday morning, avec computer, clothes, guitar, etc... Mel then came down a couple of hours after, and so... well... we're here :o)

Let's see, what have we done? Well, watched A Life Less Ordinary, I've found somebody else who thinks that it's just a wee bit weird, and that the end of it kinda ruins the whole movie. Thank goodness. Hung out with Jimbo and Laura a bit - Jimbo has like, cut all his hair off. He had a No 1 crop, and it's now up to about No 3 and he thinks it's too long. I have yet to point out to him that practically all the gay people in Brighton also have the same haircut - I'll wait until he's out at clubs and gets them coming on to him ;o)

Have eaten lots, well, kinda lots... Had grilled cheese

Jamie has started playing/singing At Your Funeral (Saves The Day) along with the record.. so I (Mel) have stolen the computer. He is bad for my eating habits - he wants us to get and get Burger King for breakfast *lol* - I don't know who else has experienced his eating habits but they consist of eating practically a loaf of bread at a sitting in the form of grilled cheese with toast, and generally toast. So, I have no chance of not putting on a tonne of weight. hmmm... He's now playing Freakish.
Seeing Saves The Day with Jamie and Ed soon, which will be cool! Wish I could go to more than just the London one, but there are so many other gigs coming up - Mansun, Dillinger Espace Plan, 2 nights of Tool, Antiproduct, Finch, etc. Ahh well.

Will stop boring people now. But, if anyone is in London on May 1st, try and come to see my band, White Rain, play at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town (on the Northern Line on the underground). I think its about £4 to get in... I am so excited! This is our proper *big* gig for a while. Should be pretty good.... back to Jamie....

Hi. That is all :o)

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that sounds awesome!

have you guys recorded anything yet? if so; i'd like to hear you.


Not yet.... But next time Mel's here, I'm gonna get her recording something with me. She doesn't know this yet, but she will ;o)

- for information on buying our cd, please click here

So this cd is blank then? Well I'm not buying a silent cd! ;0)

Lmao! No, its a 4 track demo :P

Have actually got them mastered now, so just waiting for our (lazy) guitarists to make the cds :)




you are so *not* getting me to sing anything, if that's what you are implying :)

hey i'm kinda in a band. Me and my two friends made it up. I'm the drummer. Now my brother wants to make up a band. He plays guitar. Could i hear ur music too???

white rain currently are:

Daniel Welch - Guitar
Martyn Ramsey - Guitar
Ian Morbin - Drums
Melissa Webber - Bass
Alexander Broad - Vocals

Guess the band need to update the web site - I see no Jaems in there!

Oooh wait:
welcome to the official white rain website
last updated: April 21, 2002 3pm GMT

Hmmm! :0)

I am in Protoband, for I am l33t. White Rain are our bitches ;o)

Now it all makes sense!

So you are the elite? Count me out of attending the White Rain gig then! ;0)

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