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Right, that's it, I give up, I need help with this computer thing.

The reinstall is going fine, although I'm naturally taking a break for a bit in order to be with Mel.... However, one thing - IE seems bust. I was running 5.5, and I upgraded to the latest version, didn't fix it, so I'm at a loss. When I load pages, there's sometimes (but not always, and always in the same places) black squares everywhere, over the top of them. It's really annoying me - it's as if I'm highlighting a big block of text. I can see what's under the boxes if I do highlight the text, but often that causes the anomaly to spread to wherever else I was highlighting.

Can anybody help at all? I'd rather not have to reformat again on a whim, but it's irritating. And I don't have the time to really go at the problem myself, since I have Mel here... :o)

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Control Panel > Add/Remove > Microsoft Internet Explorer 5/6 > Repair.

Let it do it's business and restart your peecee.

Wicked, worked a charm, thanks :o)

BTW, back at Uni now - sorry I missed you this holiday, would've been nice to catch up. But I did see you when I was sat on the bus last week, so you know, I get to feel like I had some contact with you ;o)

where'd the newer entries go???

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