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Broken Heart
Oh well, no messages all yesterday. Shucks. Life goes on though :o) So, I'm back to being cynical. I knew the happy me wouldn't last very long. Oh well, at least I'm now back to something I know how to do, right?

Since last I spoke, I went out and bought bacon. Mmm, Bacon. It glowed green, but I expect that's OK... So anyway, I ate my wonderful double-marmite cheese and bacon toasted sandwich, and felt a lot better for it. Later on I may well eat some cereal, along with some spaghetti and sausages (when I get home, much much later). Mmm... Eating sufficient food is, in my ever so humble opinion, a very good thing. Anyway, the eating took place at about 10pm, when everybody was out at the Grapevine drinking the night away. Before then, all I'd done was slept a bit more. It's very bad - I'm spending approximately half my time sleeping right now. However, there's precious little I can actually do about that really. I'm even a bit tired now, on account of being woken up a lot in the night. There was thunder, lightning, rain, hail, the latter pounding on my window at 5am... But waking at 5am is rather good, to my mind - you feel really tired, but in a waking-up-in-the-morning way. So you go back to sleep, and the feeling you get from knowing you can go back to sleep is very good indeed.

Aside from the precipitation, the night was relatively uneventful. Went to bed early on, did very little aside from sleep, although once or twice I thought I woke up on the floor or in my seat, but I think that was just a dream. I hope it was, anyway. Vicky said she could have sworn I was sleepwalking the other night, but I'm hoping she got that very wrong. Ugh, I'd hate to be gettig up in the night and not remembering it - especially with the number of hard steps in the flat between me and practically anywhere... Ouchie...

So, the plan for today - well, I have an AI lecture at 11:30, which should be... well... tiring, as usual. Those things make me want to sleep - it's not that they're not interesting, they're just... sleepy... Anyway, after that, it's off to the COGS building to do programming. I have an assessed program due in tomorrow, and while I have indeed done quite a bit on it (aren't I good?), it's by no means finished. I need a main method, and I'm missing a good couple of classes. But I'm getting there. Student objects need more work, the Coin object needs re-writing, the CanOfCoke object should be OK, the CokeMachine object needs a bit more done on it, I need to write the UGLab Main Method, and I still need a GarbageMachine class. When I'm done, I think I'll upload my work for everybody to play with... Or just change it into an applet, and let people use it that way. Or not bother with either :o)

Somehow, since I'm sat near a window, my mobile is actually getting reception in the computing labs. This would be good, were it not for the fact that it serves as a reminder that I've not had any messages for a good long while. No, this isn't a hint for you all to message me - not unless your name is Claire. Could be that she's out of credit, or one of the many other reasons I've thought of, or it could just be that she got fed up with me - I wouldn't blame her. Ho hum... What fun, eh kids?

More from me later - I'm off to... well... do... stuff... and... things. Mmm. Bye :o)


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