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HTML Skills
See, now this is how one does an IMG tag. Just so that David knows:

That's my cat. Isn't she sweet? Awww... Love her to bits :o) And now for something completely different...

That's me. Again. I was messing about with my webcam and decided to take a new LJ picture. When I've edited it properly, then it'll look better (by editing, I do of course mean making it smoother when zoomed out and such). Prizes will be awarded to whoever guesses who the picture reminds me of (not in an arrogant sort of way, but just in a "hey, I've seen that sort of expression and haircut before" kind of way)...

So anyway, what have I done since last time? Sleep! Yay. I think malnutrition must be getting to me, since I'm rather sleepy lately. Tonight it's time for much toast and spag+sausage. That ought to help. Perhaps I'll pick up some bacon on the way home instead, and eat that. Either way, it'll be good for me. Maybe some milk, so I can eat cereal as well. Mmm... Yum.

Now, let's see, what else do I have to say? Well, still not got a message, but the phone is once more on silent, in my room, against the wall. If that doesn't sort it out, I don't know what will... Could be that she's out of credit, or she left the phone off, or at home, or hasn't had a chance to reply, or has run out of battery power, or... Hey, there's a think. Batteries. I'm out, and my signal amplifier for my TV is seriously low. I can't get BBC1 or ITV any more... But I'll fix it. Anyhow, the X Files and Ally McBeal are on BBC2 and C4 respectively, and those are the things I really want to watch this week, so....

Anyhoo, I'm going to hit the "update journal" button now, by way of then checking that my HTML for the pictures is working properly, and that they're aligned and such. Maybe David can take a hint ;o)

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You look (IMO) totally different in the new picture. Oh, right, that's your cat

But really, in the picture with you in it, you look totally different in that than you do in your other Live Journal profile pics

Just thought I'd share that with you

Oh yeah, another thing. Y'know your beaming grin post, the pic on that one, you look quite a bit younger in that

Anyway, not that I'm a stalker or anything

I've said too much


Ben's right, you look TOTALLY different in that one. The only thing that picture reminds me of is Ali G, for NO reason at all. %-)

What's Kitty's name?

The cats called Alfred. :o)

Alfred. But it's a she :o)

A girl named Alfred. It has personality, really ... ;-)


and she spends half her time running away from him!!!

Re: Alfie!

And having see the photo I'm not surprised ;)

Re: Alfie!

And having seen the photo I'm not surprised ;)

You look like a crazed dictator of a typical banana republic, but then again, you look a bit like Gandhi too.... Weird. Also, nice cat. Kinda like ours, actually.

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