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And still they taunt me.... Despite the fact that I no longer live just up the road from Dominos, they've decided to tempt me with e-mails, promising me new and exciting pizzas.... Here I am, having not eaten in twelve hours, starving hungry, and I get e-mail telling me about the latest deals at Dominos in Brighton. Now somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but that's mean and bastardly.

The human mind is a fragile toy, really... So easy to break it, and mess things up... And when your implausible worst-fear-ever comes true, it's hard to trust the universe not to screw you over again. Trust on a personal level, trust of people, that's easy enough to regain, and I have. But to trust the universe at large not to screw me over? Difficult, very difficult... Hence any paranoia or insecurity - I don't need reassurances from individuals, just from the world in general. And the world would, ideally, be saying unto me "Sorry 'bout the last time, won't happen again". But it inevitably doesn't. Anyway, just some bullshit cryptic stuff, because it's so much fun in the mornings. I'm fine, really I am :o)

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Dont starve on us. Eat something!!!

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