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If you were a fan heater, which had been hidden from me by my parents who disagree with my ideas on rapid pain relief, where would you be?

Five Minutes Later: You would be hidden at the bottom of a cupboard.

See, I have the most mind-numbingly bad rheumatism, which means right this second I can barely walk, and want to just throw up. This is, to my mind, not good. Therefore, the solution is paracetamol. But I can't find any, anywhere. So the secondary solution is my heat-spray. But that's in Brighton. The final thing I could do is just blast my knees with hot air, which tends to make it go away. Hence, fan heater :o)

Fifteen Minutes Later:

Feeling a bit better...... Still a little way to go, but heat certainly helps :o)

Half an Hour Later:

Fix0red. I think.... My leg now actually works (which believe me, is a good start). Time to eat breakfast, I think...

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*snuggles* glad you are feeling better :)

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