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Oh lord, I crack me up... Here's a copy of a troll post I made to the popularpeople community...
Like, it's so annoying. Just because I have blonde hair, and talk like I'm off MTV, I get all these kids wanting me. And I'm like, hey kids, get lost, your fourteen year old demographic is legally unfeasible. And they're all like, hey, ur hott, and they're all like IMing me and shit, and it's just so uncool. I tell you, these kids are so un-MTV these days, they're like, totally dumb....
It's great how I can write something that vaguely amuses me, leave it a while, then eventually somebody will add a comment to it and remind me of what I wrote... Just the whole "like, totally, dude" attitude, with the "your fourteen year old demographic is legally unfeasible" right in the middle. I dunno, I just find it funnier now than I did at the time....

Posted a comment on a LJ_Dev post about a LJ-NNTP gateway. I made one once, but it bit ass... Perhaps this summer, I should try going back to things like that - it was fun to do....

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Well you don't seem snotty, but hey your one real sexy bitch and I wanna fuck you like an animal..hey I can't help myself.

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