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Beaming Grin
I got me some replies to some text messages (5 to be exact)... Let it be known to all that I'm in a damned good mood. Not only that, but the replies were also in the form of questions, thus suggesting that she wanted me to reply to them (the first SMS she sent didn't necessarily suggest that, see). I feel well happy now - this is proof she still wants to talk to me, which can't be a bad thing. At worst, I've just made a new friend, so... :o)

Anyway, what have I done since I last updated. Slept. That's what I've done. I went to bed at 6pm, got up at 9:30am this morning, and only got up to either write her text messages (after her replies), or put Blade Runner on the computer, or to get a drink. Aside from that, it was nice solid sleep. And damn, that was good :o)

Um, well, since I really literally have nothing to say, I'm going to go now. Back to the flat to check my phone, I think - that will be fun. But if I haven't got anything, then it's back to sleep again, or something. Oh well. I've left my phone on Silent mode, in my flat, facing a wall - that is a seriously unwatched pot... Hope it works, really :o)

Anyhow, as for plans for the near future... Hmm... well, I guess I can do some programming - I have an assessed program due in this week, so I should get on with that. More from me later, if you're all very very lucky :o)

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Has this girl got a pay as you go phone? Cos if she has if there is ever a gap she may well have run out of credit. Now don't ever say I don't support you. Oh will be seeing you soon, YAY!!!

I think that you have been communicating with James too much. Why do I say this? You finished your post with "YAY". Before you know where you are you'll be typing "ho hum...."

Don't say that you haven't been warned ;-)

Re: Becca

Feel it is only right to mention that I have known James since I was 9years old, we've never liked each other but now know most of the time what the other is thinking and their language patterns, sad but true.

"Feel it is only right to mention that I have known James since I was 9years old,...."

I know, I was there :-)) (oldgit=James' dad)

That's why I am concerned, you always seemed such a nice(in the best sense of the word) person.

Disclaimer: I never know what this girl is thinking.

Thank you, I did consider that. Or perhaps she left it at home when she went to work today. See, there are many reasons - I have about 10, at least, because I worry too much and such :o)

Hello to Mr Webley

am very embarrassed, didn't know you were 'oldgit' ummm might ristricted my comments in future, so you still think I am a nice girl!

Re: Hello to Mr Webley

Dad, she's not a nice girl. She's an evil man-eating beast. Do not listen to her if she claims otherwise

Re: Hello to Mr Webley

Sorry if I embarrassed you and please do not alter what you say here. No-one else does!!

PS Ignore you know who's post......

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