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Oh, and I can see why guys don't wear ear-rings - girls' hair is liable to rip them out - at some point yesterday, Mel's hair stole a gold stud out of my left ear ;o)

But this is actually a good thing. I can let the ear heal, then when my eyebrow bar eventually grows out (which it will), I'll get another one put in, this time on the left. Which is ideally where it should go - it was only on the right before because I already had the left ear pierced, and didn't want to be uneven :o)

Anyhow, just killing time here.... :o)

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you make it sound as if my hair was plotting against you or something :P

Well for all I know, it might have been - it's tried it before ;o)

I have the other one in right now, but I might take it out at some point.... I've only gone a day without an ear stud since July of last year, it's weird not having one :o)

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