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I support sema's client because Visions blows goats.

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Please note: Visions is a childish little upstart, and I've been saying the same thing for over a year now.

That post just says that this argument is giving LJ negative publicity - I don't care all that much about publicity for LJ - I've done a lot for getting other people onto this thing, and paid LJ enough of my own money (about $200 or so) that I feel I have a right to re-state what I've been saying all along.

Further to that, the matter was only "resolved" in that Mark posted to lj_support about it, and explained the situation.

Yes, Opi may have acted inappropriately, because as a paid employee of LJ he is therefore a representative of the company by his actions (similar to the brad/bradfitz thing), but he acted with the best intentions of LJ at heart - Visions was being an ass on support, and generally causing trouble. The people who joined in to argue were doing so on behalf of the company and the users, because Visions was deliberately trying to cause trouble.

On the other hand, Visions was not acting with the users in mind, nor was he acting for the good of the company. He was acting out of his own ego-driven lunacy, just as he has done a number of times before. Even if he was in the right (which in my opinion he was not), his actions were destructive and served no purpose. He's caused trouble time and time again, flamed a lot of people who've done a lot for LJ (significantly more than he has, by anybody's standards except his own), and shouldn't be put in any sort of position of power, given that he's an irritable, short-fused little child.

and this is why I totally avoid livejournal politics and official channels.

Indeed. But you know me - anything for a confrontation ;o)

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