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Finally, it all comes together... My databases are working much better now - the Repairs database can do lookups on the Serial Number database given a particular serial number, and as far as I can tell, the Repairs database is actually finished. Finally!

Now back to the Serial Number Database - this is, I believe, the end of Week 3 of work on it. However, I'm making consistent progress now - it should be fully operational shortly. Kinda like the Death Star... Only without, you know, anybody needing to die.

I've just taken a massive chunk of useless crap out of the Serial Number database design, actually - I'd made it clever, then made another part of the form really clever, and then the part that was clever at first turned really stupid and started breaking stuff because I couldn't make it clever enough to work with the really clever bit. But I digress ;o)

The point is, it's now running far more effectively than before, has full functionality (that feature I took out was pointless anyway), and is ready for final testing. Perhaps I'll add in an ability to do lookups on the repairs database from the Serial Number database too. Or maybe I won't..... We'll see :o)


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