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Predictive text is a dangerous toy sometimes... You can have words with the complete opposite meaning, which are the same series of key-presses. For instance, if I type 735328, then do I mean "reject" or "select"? They mean opposite things, after all... Alternatively, if I type 63337, do I mean "offer" or "needs" - again, words with very different meanings...

"He would like to offer selection"

Is exactly the same as

"He would like to needs rejection"

With the exception of that grammaticall erroneous "s" (and the fact that neither sentence makes much sense, but you know, you get the general idea), that gives a totally different statement completely...

Reading the news (usually disastrous to my mood) has lifted my spirits. I was today greeted with the headline that "Humans share chimps' genes but are brainier". Well I for one feel a great relief at being informed that I am, in fact, of a species more brainy than chimps - I had been wondering...

Went out to the pub last night, which was fun - first time I've been out around here since the summer, I think - now that's an achievement. 'twas me, Chris, Mike, and Chris W. Two Chris's - it always did get confusing at school... Okay, background...

I've known Chris since I was in Year 8 (that's 7th Grade for you Americans), and he and I were always in the same circle of friends. When I rejected my friends group and struck out alone in Year 11, Chris was one of the people who then migrated over to my (far more l33t) group of friends. Then at the end of Year 11, the old group of friends all dropped out of school, without exception. We made the right choice :o)

Let me think, I've known Mike more or less since the start of Year 10, although that was only in the context of "Somebody in my classes" - I started hanging out with him properly at the start of 6th form (Years 12 and 13, or Grades 11 and 12, variously). We used to go to his house on Wednesdays, missing assembly and Biology/Design (depending on which one of us you're talking about) and just play network games. It was a fun life... He went around the world last year, where he somehow managed to convince himself that he's a womanizer. Odd little guy...

Chris W
With the exception of Becca, he's the person I've known longest out of, like, everybody I've had any contact with lately. First met him on the first day of secondary school, when I was 11 - he stood behind me when we were all in line during the fire drill at school. We had such a laugh for ages, until we started irritating each other a bit... Culminating in me jumping him in Electronics, after months of him getting at me and taking the piss (which I used to take, because I was like that once). He still remembers that day ;o)

So anyhow, yeah, we all went to a pub in Crendon, had a few drinks, played a lot of pool... I lost most heinously, in almost every single game, but I don't care. I've not played pool since the summer either - I'll have to try finding a pub nearby to my house in Brighton that has a table, so I can get better. Shouldn't be hard - there's a pub at either and of our road, and another few on our block, then I can think of about ten pubs which are only two road-crossings away.

Anyhow, 'twas fun catching up on old times. And also fun that Michael, self-confessed womanizer, has had limited luck (to say the least) over the last six months, whereas the rest of us had girlfriends. That'll teach him for being a cocky little sod ;o)

Anyway, eleven o'clock rolled around, as per, and so I went home again, to sleep in front of the tumble dryer, and send odd text messages in my sleep (which I've not done since I sent that one to TMA...). Ah, it's a tough life I lead ;o)

Current plans - make it through today, and then go see Mel. I have six and a half hours of work left, plus an hour of lunch, plus half an hour on the bus, half an hour getting ready, then two hours on the train. Ten and a half hours, then I get to be with Mel again - yay :o)

Tonight we're going out with Shanu, which will be nice, although a little weird - I'm very much used to him being somebody I know at Uni, and seeing him outside of that context will be interesting... It was the same with the party, to an extent - my best friend at Uni, and my girlfriend, both in the same room - weird :o)

Anyhow, back to at least thinking about work.... :o)

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Only one error I can see ... in predictive text "he" on my nokia phone at least, does not translate as "we" but is "if" instead!

My phone has an uncanny knack of picking the wrong word in every context! It can confuse people! The other popular one for me is "me" being entered as "of" and vice versa. I should think it really is my laziness at the end of the day for not checking my texts but hey ... I want technology to "work" for me!

Speaking of which ... back to that nasty little 4 letter word!

The second sentence should start with an "if" to prove the point I think! ;0)

But that would make even less sense ;o)

I'm trying to illustrate that the meaning can be totally changed - as it is, it vaguely makes sense, but the wrong sort of sense...

Yes I appreciate that!

Perhaps its my explanation! No matter!

I can't wait to see you again! and tonight with shaun should be cool. If we don't get lost getting there that is :)

Hey, I can read maps just fine thank you.... I got an A in Geography GCSE ;o)

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