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The thought occurs that while I would really love to get into some sort of journalism after Uni, I totally lack any sort of experience in it, and my degree course is totally inappropriate to that sort of work anyway.

I mean, in theory, that shouldn't matter. All I need is to get experience somehow, and when at Uni, I do have free time (well, not so much next term, I have approximately a week's work to learn every day for the next five weeks). So what I really need is for somebody to just let me write for them. I'll see what there is around Brighton, but I won't hold my breath - might have to resort to Internet things first... I'll just be like "Hey, I'll write stuff for you, for free", and act like a trained monkey for a year, writing on whatever they want me to write. Hell, I'll even reflect the views they want me to - principles are for people who can get jobs. I might be helping the system right now, but when I'm a journalist in my own right, I'll start attacking it again :o)

Bah, just need direction, damnit. I know I'm not good enough to do any proper writing, which is why I need something to give me experience... The maths is so boring, I'm dreading going back to it. Just... need... to... write....

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Not only experience James but a shedload of legal training - co-editors cannot be expected to protect you from all your mistakes you know.

Having worked closely with editorial teams within the Trinity Mirror Newspaper Group (my previous employer) I can say without any prejudice it is one job I simply wouldn't wish upon anyone! Awful really IMHO!

Bring on the lawsuits!! ;o)

Sadly thats not how anyone but the biggest tabloids would operate! Not even the quality broadsheets take that stance!

oi, leave maths out of this..

Up yours, maths boy ;o)

You know just as well as I do that Maths degrees are pants. Yes, they get you decent jobs at the end of it, but the subject is just stupid. It's all "learn this formula", "learn this method", "calculate this coefficient". There are no ordinary real-world applications for second-year degree level maths, which is why I've not really attended this year. The whole thing is a waste of time, because it's not teaching anything.

Now, an arts degree, despite the fact that it only requires about twenty minutes of effort per week, is much better. You learn things in that. It expands your mind, a science degree just fills it (something I tell people all the damned time...)

the 'epandind my mind' part is satisfied by my reading, my conversations and things along those lines. doing a science degree helps to refine my mental proccesses (i can never spell that word). im naturally a logic-minded person.

and im not in it for a good job at the end. im doing a maths degree purely out of interest. mathematics fascinates me. and no real world applications? engineering relys heavily on maths..

but maybe im being overly defensive. all i know is that ive always enjoyed maths. i enjoy the mental challenge it gives me, and thats all that really matters for me..

Bah, just need direction

Second star on the left and straight on till morning.

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