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Exclamation of Anger and Distress
I quote the living legend, Scott Freeman:

"No woman on Earth can resist the humour, charm and intelligence that IS James Webley"

While I would love that to be true, apparently it isn't. The reason, you might ask? Because for most of the time I knew Claire, she was labouring under the false impression that I am, in fact, gay (hence my serious picture - I am in a serious mood). I knew the jokes with James and Ebs, and the general "I don't give a shit what you think so I'll say what I like" attitude was going to come bite me in the ass some day (figuratively speaking)... I think James and I must have joked about the bet our Claire has on him getting buggered or something, because Claire certainly got the impression that I was gay. Heck, she even asked me straight out at one point, but we were both drunk, and I had hoped that it was by way of making sure that I was interested, or something. I mean how blind did she have to be not to suss out sooner the fact that I was nuts about her, eh? In her company alone, I was certainly not acting in any way gay. Honest :o)

This bothers me. I don't know how much of the evening happened before I told her I wasn't, and how much happened afterwards. Did she give me her number because she thought I was gay, and was thus not at all threatening? Was she only really chatting to me because she thought I wasn't at all interested? Was the only reason I felt comfortable with her because she wasn't putting up walls because she didn't think she had to? All these questions, and others, need answering. Thankfully, on account of having her number, I can ask them. Heck, it at least gives me something to talk to her about, eh? :o)

Let's see, what else is there. Well, I finished the first Harry Potter book. Before anybody goes off on one at me, I have to read them - house rules. Everybody has to read them. I must say, I wasn't overly unimpressed - a nice plot twist, some jokes, some originality... I still can't see why people go so nuts for it, but still, it's not too bad... Having finished that, I went out to the dining room. That was... well... interesting. Every time I came into the room Alex went off on one at me, followed by an apology the next time I came into the room. Very strange... And they were trying to set me up with everybody... Alex and Caroline were trying to set me up with Harry, Alex was also trying to set me up with Caroline, Caroline was trying to set me up with Alex (great to feel wanted girls, thanks ;o), I was trying to set myself up with (new) Claire, and (new) Claire was evidently believing that I wanted to set myself up with a guy....

... Good grief. Anyway, I'll sort things. The problem is, I can't talk openly about it - when our Claire found Claire in my room with me, she absolutely freaked. I mean really, she screamed and ran away shouting funny words that only make sense to the drunk... But the point is, it freaks her out that I was even talking to Claire, I think. If she knew I had her number and had spoken to her since, it might be enough to make her actually angry at me. I don't want that, on account of her being 'arder than me and all, and not being especially unwilling to give me a proper slapping when she thinks I deserve it... Ho hum :o)

And to end things, here's an interesting FACT: The only two messages on my phone would be the one I got from Claire last night, and one from Scott. Scott's message was sent a month and a half ago, and simply reads "You sir, are a student. That is what students do". Whenever I have a crisis or worry about anything I do, I read that message, and then do whatever it is. It justifies almost anything. I would just like to thank Scott for giving me that level of freedom in my life :o)

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You have my sympathies....

There are times when I am glad I am not 18 anymore!

I'm not a living legend. YOU are. Sorry, but you're kind of what I wanted to be.

Here's a little trick I learnt. If you LOOK for a woman you'l not see her. if you don't look she'll land in your lap. Forest and trees? Applies here.

That EXACT thing happened with me and Sarah. I was tryign too hard and one day she just showed up and loved me for me, not loved me for trying.

Re: Living egend POSTS!

Perhaps we are both living legends. It would not surprise me...

Your advice is sound. However, the way I see it is this - I wasn't looking (not too hard, anyway), and suddenly she came into my life. That part has already happened. Now comes the hard work bit, which isn't looking for her, it's trying to get her to look back at me :o)

Re: Living egend POSTS!

Agreed. :) Best of luck and support is here when you need to draw upon it.

Re: Living egend POSTS!

bah you'll get used to it, he is but a mortal I assure you :o)

>>Here's a little trick I learnt. If you LOOK for a woman you'l not see her. if you don't look she'll land in your lap. Forest and trees? Applies here.<<

Go on then, man of all knowing

I ain't looking, I've found. So, trees and forests don't come into it

She ain't looking, nor seeing though...

(Deleted comment)

Re: James Webley...

Grr... That wasn't the advice I was looking for, you git... :o)

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