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Right... I have pictures of ed, when he came to stay, plus herdivineshadow and Miri when they came to visit, plus pictures of Ebs, Jimbo, Claire, Harry and Alex... I also have pictures of guntrip looking collapsed, pictures of everlone swearing at me, the scariest picture of monkog ever, a picture of dingwall too I think, plus pictures of dead_battery, one with caramelised and some with unknownj

Hooray :o)

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do you not have a picture of my head?

I see I was being as sweet and kind as always then ;-)

Where should I send the sackful of money in order to obtain the pictures mentioned above?

I'll scan them and upload them sometime. I'm getting them put onto CD by the developing people, so if I can't scan them, I can just upload those. The pics are all really good :o)

Excellent. I'd ask for a copy of the whole CD... but I dunno if I trust you with my address :-P

Only half the film is of the party. The other half is of me and my flatmates. I don't know if I trust you with knowing what we all look like ;o)

You'll probably get a better opinion/reaction that if I did know what you all look like.

I'm a fairly trustworthy guy apparently, so the choice is firmly up to you.

*prepares nukes and monkeys in case you made a bad choice*

Do you have a decent picture of my kick ass hair? ;-)

It truly is a scary sight ;o)

Hush, you wish you had hair as cool as mine was :-p

Um..... No. But your hair was closer to being long than mine was, which was what was cool about it. As it stood, it was shite though ;o)

Tough titties, I'm growing it long again.

Do it without it going curly and greasy this time, would you? ;o)

Believe me, I'll give it my best shot ;-)

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