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The freedom to be stupid
While I'm being all political, and argumentative, try this on for size:

Democracy doesn't work. It's based on the following fundamentally flawed premises:

1. In Democracy, everybody is equal. The guy who votes for one party because he likes Tony Blair's hair has the same degree of control over the fate of the country as the guy who spends hours researching political policies and world affairs

2. In Democracy, the majority is always right. But in the real world, the majority of a single country is not always right. The majority is, more often than not, stupid. The majority typically believes everything the media tells it, and gets brainwashed on a daily basis. And despite how aware of things I try to be, I wouldn't trust even myself not to still be a little led by the media, so it's not like I think myself above that level or anything...

Democracy is just another way of controlling people and making them think that they're in charge. At least dictatorships are honest ;o)

And no, I don't offer any solutions. I don't know of a system that would work better, because in order to maintain freedom, you have to let people think and act how they wish (so long as it doesn't infringe on anybody else's freedom, of course). So if Joe Stupid wants to vote because he likes a politician's hair, then he should be allowed to, otherwise it's not a free country. Just don't expect me to boast about how my democracy is any better than any other form of government, because it probably isn't.

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Interesting post.

I could rant, but instead, I'll leave it to Churchill:

"Democracy is the worst possible form of government - except all the others that have been tried."

heh heh, go churchill!

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute talk with the average voter."
- Churchill, Winston

If you haven't already, can I suggest you get yourself a copy of the dilbert future by scott adams. It devotes a whole chapter as to why democracy isn't and how it is every half intelligent person's civic duty not to vote, the tall guy with good hair and clever speach writers will get in anyway.

hehe, i saw a nice quote once about this (its in the back of one of my manic's bootlegs, but someone else has that right now..)

"democracy is reliant on the idea that at least half of the people will be right half of the time"

not sure who's it was though :-/

but, yeah. i'm all for dis-enfranchsing anyone who reads The Sun ;)

what really fuckin annoys me though is all this debate over the euro. WHY should such an important matter be put to a referendum? are we a nation of economists who can totally understand the economic implications?

erm, no. most economists have no idea whether the euro would be a good thing or a bad thing for Britain, so how is average Joe Bloggs going to? they'll just vote the way The Sun tells them to, and that'll be the typical "European scum steal our fish" way.


::ends rant::

They're stealing our fish!?

Those Euro scum!


; )

i know! its appalling! what kind of low lifes.. i mean, THEY DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH! wtf?!?!

and another thing, i just watched this program on TV about some war in the 1980s, and, like, it involved some country called Argentinga, i think, and, like, they're descended from the Spanish!



I know, the Euro issue is stupid, up to a point.

The problem is, however, that it's not an issue of economics any more. We already know that we won't go in until the economic conditions are right. It's a question of aesthetics or something... And about allegience...

Personally, my opinion has changed over recent months, and I'm now against the Euro because it's a step towards a single European state, which I think is bad. And here's why...

Europeans don't get along. I don't care how mature we think we are, we're not. Half the French are still scared of the Germans, the Brits hate the lot of them and enjoy being so isolationist, and there are massive clashes between the national egos of the various countries. If you put them all together, you've got another Balkans on your hands or something...

I'm all for cooperation, but not at the expense of cultural diversity, and the ability to be governed by people who are likely to think in a similar manner to you.

This point of view, however, doesn't make immigration and asylum seeking bad, as you might think it does. I'm not saying don't mix cultures at all - immigrants bring a new diversity to a country. However, don't forcibly make everybody the same (which is what would ultimately happen in a European superstate)

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