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Never did post these pictures of Shanu.

Hope you don't mind there ;o)

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they're pretty bad, hehehehe... the one with the picks rocks though. wow. i am da bomb.

Well, I couldn't seem to reply to your most recent journal entry, but whatever...

I, uh, got here cuz of some of those online tests I took that you made, I believe.

Anyways, I was reading one of those surveys you did, and saw some of your musical preferences, and thought that you might be interested in my favourite band (that I'm sure you've never heard of).

Stereo360 are alt.rock, and currently still an indie band, but are working on getting signed and touring "till they drop". So, if you want to check them out (You can DL 4 MP3's off my site), I would be super pleased (ooh, that sounds dorky) to know what you think of them! (Sign my g/b or leave a comment in my livejournal) :)

My Site:


He'd be sooooo cute if he'd just shave off his goatie. I'm soooo turned off by them. Then again, it's his face. :-)


Yay Shanu is very cute.. and btw.. your haircut works for you. Amazingly, you are one of the people that can actually go for such a drastic change and still manage complete cuteness. :) ... hmm i agree with the person above.. Shanu would look cuter without a goatee.. but it does work well for him. I just say a trim heh.. although in now way does he need it :) kay well later~!~
:) the random Lauren~

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