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New Hair

I want to bleach it again, I think.....

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you remind me of someone.


I think you should let it grow then bleach it. Looks good the way it is in your icon

Gah! Get off my damn hair, you hair theif.

'cept mine's prolly a little shorter

and better

Oooooh yer sexy beast;)

No wonder Gaz likes to grope ya...:p

Ugh, the bastard... Can't you stick him on a leash or something?

I just aint diggin' it hun

As for the bleach...

I'll leave that up to you. It's your head.

Good wow or bad wow?

meh, didn't get chance to get mine cut today :o/

I liked the bleach.....

But, this is nice too. :)

bye now!


you really remind me of someone there as well.. I don't know who.

How could people not notice you had it cut? *lol*

I think it looks good though - probably prefer bleached hair though, just cos its so cool :)

grrrrrr, wake up! then i can phone you! :P

I like it. Bleached or not.

You also remind me of someone.


i liked it better before..

your hair rocks would look cool bleached

you are VERY cute.

bleach looks good on you; you have the right coloring for it. and i think you are reminding us all of some model we might have seen at one time or another with your high cheekbones....


Well I used to be a model for Armani, but I can't find the picture that proves it right now ;o)

(Deleted comment)
*wonders why you're even bothering*

hey, i've not been able to see your posts over the last few weeks because of no internet connection so i missed this post. just wanna say cool pictures, you look really good!

They don't - I nuked my hair with bleach last night because I hate it when it's dark ;o)

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