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Ah, the way things were....., as was

Scroll down a bit, there's an article by me on there. This was, of course, before I inadvertantly destroyed the entire site from the inside, and caused the collapse of the entire community surrounding Tiberian Sun...

No, seriously. See, there was this irritating punk kid who joined the site, who was, in the terminology of yesteryear, lame. Anyhow, I eventually escalated the situation to the point where I got everybody working on the site except for him to quit. Then the site completely collapsed, and the other sites quickly followed. They were all annoying teen morons anyway, so I didn't feel bad.... ;o)

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I don't see anything?

Must be you, because the URL worked for me both at work, and on both PCs at home.....

All I see is "Enter Here"

Just tried it again and it worked.

Did you change anything? :)

No, there's nothing I'd be in a position to change..

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