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My weekend
Two hours down... Thirty five and a half to go... Last week, the time passed really quickly, but this week it's dragging on so much. I've not been in the office for more than a couple of hours and already I'm feeling like it's getting towards the afternoon. I wish.....

Anyhow, I'm bored, the database is being less than entirely cooperative (on account of how I coded it crap), so now would be a good time to sit back and write about my weekend, such that it was... So, where to begin?

Well, I got off work at about half past four on Friday, after answering the phones for about four hours (through my lunch break). Of course, hardly anybody was actually calling, so in the time between I spoke to Mel (for like two hours in total or something)... Anyway, my mummy came and picked me up from work at half four, and I went home, had a bath, got changed, got packed, etc.

Got to Upminster at about eight, after getting lost walking around West Ham station, which is an evil place and must be destroyed. This Friday, I'm going to get the train from Fenchurch Street instead - I know where it is now, so yay... Anyway, when I got there, I was greeted by Mel, Daniel (Fawcett, of amp fame) and Ian (White Rain's drummer). Both these people seriously rock, I might add :o)

Anyway, got driven home in Mel's red Honda Civic (woo, I like that car), and met up with the other ampers, and everyone else... At this point, I'll take a few minutes out to explain who everybody is here...

The drummer from White Rain. In every picture I'd seen of him previously, he was all ultra-goth, and looked very cool with it. However, at the party, he was, as Jimbo might insensitively say, "normal". And dude, is that guy pretty (no, I don't fancy him, give it a rest kids). He carried off the hat and pink feather boa outfit very well, while he was wearing it. I think I have pictures of that, I'll have to see ;o) But yeah, he was really polite and friendly and stuff, which was good.

The lead guitarist from White Rain. I didn't talk to him that much, but on those occasions where I did, he seemed really cool. Nice guy, that one.

The singer from White Rain. Spoke to him a bit, he was also really cool. The best people at the party were the ampers and the White Rain people, they all totally rocked. Alex appreciated my Pants Leg Hat too (or was he being sarcastic, hard to tell ;o)...

I think I'm spelling that the right way. Anyway, the rhythm guitarist from White Rain (despite the fact that every time a White Rain song came on the stereo, he started miming the drums). For some reason, his face reminds me of Kris Roe a lot, not entirely sure why, but there we go. He's also cool - he thought I was smug, but in a good way, so there we go...

The other Martin, he 'slept' in the living room with us, so I spent a good deal of the night talking to him and stuff. He was really cool - he seemed to be my age, but he's only 17 - that's just really weird. And his girlfriend Enola also seemed to be my age, but she was 16 - maybe somewhere I lost a big chunk of maturity and suddenly I'm feeling more at home with younger people. On the other hand, nobody else could believe they were that young either, so I guess it's not just me...

Steve and Tom
Didn't really talk to either of them. Tom deserves a kicking from me just on principle, but I would think he's fairly safe.

"Li'l Tom"
He was cool, although he got wasted fairly early on. Only person at the whole party who was shorter than Shanu, I think ;o)

Kat 1
White Rain groupie type girl. As I recall, she had a thing for mine and Shanu's beards (well, mine's not a beard, but it would be, if I could grow one)... And my hair, I think. It's hard to remember exactly, though...

Kat 2
Richard's girlfriend - the few times I spoke to her, she seemed really nice and friendly and stuff

He was cool. His piano playing was good, except for when he started playing the theme from the Exorcist, and it was that atmospherically done that I almost freaked out, which was just mean. Not as mean, however, as it was for either Ding, or Daniel, or somebody though - they were in the toilet, and suddenly heard the music start playing. That would have really scared me :o)

She had a cool hat. She was grabbing people at the party - funny expressions were made all 'round... Looked very sweet walking around in her pyjamas...

Mel's sister. She like, totally rocks. Maybe it's because all the other sisters of girlfriends I've had were irritating or something... Her and Mel are too alike for their own goods, mind, it's very amusing. I wrote a message for her on her wall (it's kind of like a big plaster cast, only it's really really big, so you'd have to like, break an elephant's leg or something, and that's not easy to do because they'd like, tread on you and stuff, and oh good God I've caught hyperactivity just by talking about Charly....) But yeah, she was cool :o)

I don't think I need to describe Shanu here, since out of everybody at the party, he was the one I knew best (except for Mel)... I was really glad he was there though - it kinda made the whole thing a lot easier, since there was always somebody around that I knew 'in real life' while Mel was socialising and stuff... It should be noted that Shanu totally rocks :o)

Daniel Fawcett, you wanted me and you know it. You can stop pretending, and hiding your real feelings, we both know the truth. Well you can't have me, so there. But yeah, Daniel was really cool, and I thought I got on well with him, so yay. A bit scary at times, but you know, that's just the way things are with some people :o) His taste in music was good, but he works in the V Shop, so that cancels it out. Sorry ;o)

Another amper, he was dead cool as well. However, he apparently has pictures of me from the party - I am scared, since I don't remember him having a camera. That means he either didn't take any of me, or he took pictures of me when I was too far gone to notice. Ack :o\ He was like, the only person there who was taller than me (as far as I can remember).

I didn't get to talk to Al as much as I would have liked - he's a great guy, but was a little subdued at the party. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be other times :o)

I'd describe Mel to you as well, but I'd be here all day... Suffice it to say, she's completely amazing, and makes me happier than I've ever been before in my life :o)

I'm sure there's other people, but I can't think who right now, so apologies if there's anybody reading this who was there and didn't get a mention. I'll try harder next time, I promise :o)

Anyhow, yeah, so, where was I.... Something about arriving at Mel's, and meeting the other ampers, and a few other people (although I can't remember in what order people arrived). Hung out watching The Simpsons with people for a while, which was nice. Eventually though, the drinking started :o)

I felt I did fairly well. The only time I've ever had vodka before was when I would down a single shot, and then chase it with a nice tasting soft drink. Perhaps it's being around Mel so much that's done it, but I was swigging big mouthfuls of the stuff straight from Mel's massive bottle of it - hardcore, woo :o)

Anyhow, after drinking a lot of vodka, and some blue WKD, things started getting a bit hazy. I seem to recall that I spoke to Matt/Spidrak/Shadrok on the phone for a bit, to tell him about the Jess-clone I saw on the train (unless Jess was on a train that went through Upminster at about 8pm on Friday, in which case, Hi Jess). I also recall pictures were taken, of all the ampers, although I can't remember whose camera they were on. All I know is that I looked awful in them all (I can just tell).

At some point during the night, we posted to amp. Which was, um, fun... While the others were writing stuff, I decided on a whim to wrestle Shanu. I wasn't doing so badly, until he started tickling me and I lots - curse that man. Then he accidentally punched me in the mouth, the cad! Anyway, those that read amp will know about our posts there, and those that don't, well, won't.... I won't bother going into it in any greater detail than that :o)

Anyway, the night progressed, as nights tend to do. Spent most of the tail end of the night hanging out with Daniel, Shanu, Dingwall, Martin and Enola, which was muchly fun. Everybody seemed to migrate off to bed, so it was just us up, talking and stuff. We watched Duckula and Dangermouse on DVD, which was fun (although I fell asleep (not passed out) before much of Duckula had been on). I think I probably left that DVD there - I left a few things there actually, but it's okay, since I'm going back next weekend anyway...

Anyhow, then we just hung around talking and stuff until about 6am, when we finally went to sleep. I can't for the life of me think of what we were actually talking about, but that's probably the alcohol doing that. Oh well... :o)

The next morning, everybody slowly migrated out of the house, until it was just me, Mel, Shanu, Daniel and Dingwall left. We sat around talking and stuff, which was cool. Then Mel's nephews and niece came over (plus sister and brother-in-law), and gave her more presents. I sang the Tigger song for Phoebe, Mel's three year old niece (you know the Tigger song - "The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things, their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs....")

Anyway, then we went out Bowling. Shanu, Dingwall and Daniel went off to their respective homes, and Mel's family and I went bowling. I don't want to talk about that much - I sucked lots. I got a fair few strikes (well, two per game, but still, it's not bad), but I also threw a lot of really bad ones. In both games, I came third out of five - Mel and Elliot beat me both times. Seriously, Jimbo and I need to go bowling more at Brighton, we need to get better at this. I used to do so much better....

After that, we went to Old Orleans to eat - yummy bacon double cheeseburger and chips. I got lost for like ten minutes trying to find their toilets, but it wasn't my fault - they were hidden. I also sang some nursery rhymes to Phoebe, which was fun. I love kids :o) Spoke to Mark (Mel's brother in law) about databases and MCSE stuff, which was fun - he seems like a nice guy :o)

Anyhow, once the meal was over and everything, we all went back home again. Mel's parents went out, and we watched Waynes World - I love that movie... It's sheer genius, from start to finish :o)

At the end of the movie, the relatives left and went home, and it was just me, Mel and Charly left. We were going to watch AI, but then Charly went to bed, and Mel and I (having had not much sleep at the party) decided to go to bed too (after a couple of posts to Usenet). And so ends Saturday...

On Sunday we didn't do all that much - it was a mostly typical lazy day (we seem to have quite a few of those). We had toffee pavlova for breakfast, which ruled totally - I need to find that at the Somerfield down the road from my house in Brighton, and live off it for a while. Saw a race at the track in South Africa where Mel's brother is a marshal, which was very cool.

Then we went into London for a bit. I had hoped to hang out in a park for a while, but by the time we actually got our acts together and went there, it was a bit late for doing that. So we walked from Regent's Park tube station, up through the park, around to Marylebone, and then got the tube to Paddington. I love London's parks. Sometime, she and I have to go back to where we hung out that first time we met, just near Buckingham Palace. Or something.... :o)

So yeah, got to Paddington, bought some drinks and stuff, and just hung out there for half an hour until my train came. Talked about a lot of stuff, the end result of which is that (in my opinion) things are even better between us than before. Well, I like to think so :o)

Anyway, then I had to get my train, so we said goodbye at the train door. And that damned well sucked. I hated it. After the train pulled away, I was a complete wreck. But it's okay, since I'm seeing her again on Friday, which is pretty soon. Just not soon enough.....


And so here I am. Train got me home fine. I have Mel's car keys - she gave them to me to look after so they didn't dig into her leg, and we both forgot about them. Which was silly of me. Still, it's only until Friday...

Ooh, and in cool news, on the 12th of May, we're going to see Tool, which is going to be groovy. Then on the 15th, we'll be seeing Saves the Day together. And then, on the 18th (I think), Mel might be coming down to Brighton so we can go see Mansun at the Concorde 2 club. Lots of concerts, and lots of seeing each other to look forward to. Anyway, so yeah, that's my weekend. Time to update this thing, and get back to work....

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I was kinda looking forward to rambling at you but we were both kinda busy running around between various people. Heh.

Not to worry, cause I have shockingly scary photos of you that I need to get off my camera and like you said, there will be other times.

Was nice to see you though, even if I did look as if I was miles away half the time.

I was kinda looking forward to rambling at you but we were both kinda busy running around between various people. Heh.

Yes - damned social obligations ;o)

Not to worry, cause I have shockingly scary photos of you that I need to get off my camera and like you said, there will be other times.

Photos? Scary? Oh sh*t.... :o(

I hate photos of me. Hate them. I always look so bad :o\

Was nice to see you though, even if I did look as if I was miles away half the time

Likewise, I look forward to the next time :o)

Yes - damned social obligations ;o)

More like "damn Hannah obligations". I don't regret taking her, but I felt bad leaving her alone sometimes

Photos? Scary? Oh sh*t.... :o(

I hate photos of me. Hate them. I always look so bad :o\

Hehe, I know the feeling. Thats why I don't think there were many of me taken cause I wouldn't let them get done.

Likewise, I look forward to the next time :o)

Which will be when?


Which will be when?

Whenever you're next down here, I expect :o)

Ahhhhh Mansun ... I remember them starting out in Chester!

White rain? Are they any good? Post some song files!

no, they suck!

not really. i'm in them, we rule. yeah. download the samples like the j-meister said. and add white rain to your lj interests. ... there's a post about us with random info on and stuff. :)

tell me what you think :):):)

You shameless spammer!!

Oh, and I forgot to say -- I'm glad you had a fun time!

Ick, that reminded me of how much I used to hate getting on the bus home from Canterbury : (

This is worse than the America thing, even.... Granted, I was more of a wreck with that, but then again, that was because it was going to be like six months before going back, whereas now, it's not even six days between visits. But the actual saying goodbye is so much harder with Mel :o(


I had to wait, I think, three weeks before I saw her. That wasn't that much of a problem. Being without her wasn't nice, being with her was absolutely wonderful though and I just didn't want to let go. I almost didn't more than once. The first time she went away to uni was the hardest on me though. As Laura will probably attest as she was the one who had to console me in the middle of co-op...

Random question: you, having met a lot of amp-ers, are a good person to ask. Do they nod a lot IRL too? : )

No, they do not nod :o)

Damn, you've shatted my entire image of amp now : (


how am i scary?!?!

and, hey, the v-shop thing, gotta make a living ;-)

You are scary because you were coming on to me ;o)


i wasn't *actually* serious :P i was just drunk, and its fun to try and freak people out!

Okay, if that's how you want to rationalise your desire to experiment, then that's fine... :o)

hmmm, did i ever tell you i was straight? how do you know i'm not past experimenting? ;-)

Because you've never done it before, you told me ;o)

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