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Right, as is usually the case when people from the office go out, I'm on the phones this afternoon. Which basically means an endless repeat of the following..

Good afternoon, Systech Instruments
No, I'm sorry, (s)he isn't available right now
No, I'm afraid they're all in a company meeting, can I take a message?
Okay then, bye

That's how it goes... Always... Even though I've done a lot of work with the instruments over the past two years, I'm not nearly good enough to give tech support, and I'm probably not allowed to speak on behalf of the company in that way...

Anyhow, they're all going out in about half an hour, and will be gone for at least two hours. Since this means I'm missing out on my lunch, I may well take an hour off this afternoon, get home early, then spend more time getting ready for Mel's party (have to pick out my clothes, take a shower, do my hair, oh the humanity...)

Anyhow, more later.....

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I hope you have fun with Mel.


P.S.-How do you get crazy people to stop calling you? Just curious...been a long week.

Thank you for last night.
It means a lot.

Any time - so long as you're feeling happier... Um, remind me what it was I said, because I can't remember :o)

You were just generally being really nice to me...
It was very much appreciated.

Sounds like you don't wanna be working there for the rest of your life.


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