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What a day...
Database is nearly finished. By the end of tomorrow, it should be done. As in, completely done. Which is good :o)

Everything seems to be winding me up today. I wish I was a violent person sometimes - it seems like such a simple way of letting out aggression... If I could just find a wall and hit it, or something. But no, the anger and annoyance just builds up, and builds up, and then I act like a total bastard for a day for no apparent reason. Oh well, perhaps being irritable and sarcastic for a day beats hitting walls. I don't really wish I was violent, so.... :o)

Ugh, looking at the situation in the middle east is just depressing and annoying me too. Stand by for Recent History, as told by me.

Guy destroys US buildings, causing much upset
US decides to hunt guy down
Guy is conveniently sheltered by a government that the US objects to
US sends demands to government
Government fails to comply
US takes this opportunity to destroy an anti-US institution, and blows up said government, in the name of anti-terrorism
Ariel Sharon watches news report and notices this
Israel takes this opportunity to opress an anti-Israel institution who they're bickering with, in the name of anti-terrorism.

And this entire thing is so dangerous to the rest of the world. It's funny, because everybody can see that this anti-terrorism kick is just an excuse for Israel to get its own way - funny how they didn't notice the same when the US was bombing Afghanistan, really. Palestine blows people up with suicide bombers, Israel blows people up with tanks they effectively got given by the US - they're no different, yet because Israel has western backing, and does things in a more clean way, they think they're in the right. But yeah, the situation is dangerous, because Israel is so far in the wrong here that it's just not funny, and the UN and EU sees this. However, America doesn't - Bush says he can understand Israel's point of view and sympathises with their anti-terror campaign.

Eventually, the EU or UN will step in, and stop Israel, hopefully before they commit mass genocide. And then what will the US do? By their definitions, the EU will become a system that supports terrorism, and must be destroyed. After all, oppression of the Palestinians is needed for the world to be a free and just place to live - remember?

Honestly, the amount of sucking up the world does to Israel these days is shocking. Yes, the west let the Jews get totally screwed over in World War Two, but that's no justification for letting them screw somebody else over and turning a blind eye to it. Because then we'll feel sorry for the Palestinians, and let them get away with stuff in fifty years time. Why can't we just treat countries as being a bit more equal, and lay the blame where it's due instead of basing policy on the ancient past?

Anyhow, that's my little rant for the day, let's hope I don't get even more pissed off at the situation later and start again.

Just remember - to some people a group might be "terrorists" - to others, they're "freedom fighters". The only world truly free of terrorism is a world without freedom and without choice. Occasionally, without radicals, the world can get stuck and nobody listens any more. I'm not condoning them, but I do think that a world that is too against terrorism will remove other rights in pursuit of that goal, and that that's not what we need.

Jeez, why can't everybody just have a lot more love, eh?

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while i was in israel i got invited to a palestinian wedding reception. just because we happened to be staying in the hotel.

when we got to the airport, we made sure not to mention that we'd gone to the reception. hehe. we had our stuff searched like usual and then the PRIEST we were travelling with got taken away for questioning.


I love religious and racial tolerance :o)

i tend to kick walls ::nods:: better than hitting them cus shoes absorb the force :o) plus if you bruise nobody sees it ::nods::

Even as a Jew and a supporter of Israel, I disagree with a lot of its policy, especially in recent weeks; and not just because it's wrong (although questions of wrong and right become less relevant when the nation is fighting for its survival), but because it does not solve anything. And while I definitely think that Israel is more "in the right" than the Palestinians, that's really not saying very much. But you're absolutely correct in that Bush's foreign policy on the matter has been nothing short of idiotic; at least Clinton had a clue that supporting a hard-line stance towards the Palestinians is not the way to end this.

Right now, I can think of only one thing which can resolve the situation, and it ain't pretty.

In theory, I support Israel a lot. I'm by no means anti-semitic - I've had girlfriends and really good friends who were Jewish (just wanted to establish that because the views above are the result of me getting very angry at the actions of a nation, not a people.

That having been said, yes, your solution pretty much is the only thing that will work at this point. For several thousand years, the Jews have been treated like shit by the Palestinians, and it's vaguely understandable that now that they have western backing, they'll want to take some sort of revenge. But just because I can see their point of view, doesn't mean I condone it (an idea Bush can't grasp).

It really is quite clever of Israel though - mimick the US, and their president will be too stupid to disagree for fear of it looking like inconsistency.... :o)

Just more random ramblings there.... :o)

You know this pro-ter^H^H^Harab rhetoric is gunna get you locked up by the oppressive capitalist infidels sooner or later...

I'm sure it would if I lived in the US. Thankfully, Clinton was more liberal about this stuff, and Tony Blair is still far more Clinton-like than Bush-like (so far)

the israeli state is highly oppressive towards the palestinian peoples, that's certainly true, and certainly they are probably guilty of the worst human rights violations (and atrocities), but it's not a black and white situation. the reason that i tend towards supporting the palestinian solidarity campaigns and such is down to a number of reasons - the israeli state is guilty of greater political hypocrisy, are the only national body with the capability to actually begin positive social measures, are guilty of reducing the status of palestinians to second-class citizens, and they fucking fire shells into refugee camps, excusing it with the claim - unsubstantiated if probably true - that gunmen are sheltering within. even if they were, are *shells* the answer? must a dozen innocents die to kill one accused?

israel / palestine is a horrible situation, and the more i learn about it the harder it is to hold an opinion. but i still maintain that ariel sharon should be tried for war crimes, a more sane president elected, and measures begun to improve relations - not an easy thing to do, obviously, with the racial and religious hatred that characterises many relations between jews and arabs in the middle east. :(

Sharon does not give a fuck about Palestine being an anti-Israel institution. In fact, I think its about time to do what he's doing now. Whatever religion Palestinians believe in - noone in Israel really gives a fuck. The fact that they dont give a crap about their own lives is what is causing all this. When the number of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks is that high, its no longer just an incident...its an act of war. And a country has a right to defend itself. Yes, at times Israel is harsh...but dont tell me that they are freedom fighters, ok? Ghandi was a freedom fighter, these palestinian suicide bombers and their conspirators -- they are not fighting for any fucking freedom. And their mothers? Their mothers sell their own kids to this "fate" for a mere $20-30K. Show me a Jewish mother like that....or a jewish suicide bomber, for that matter.

There are non-Palestinian Arabs living in Israel in peace. Israel does not do them any harm. These Arabs care about their lives, their jobs, their houses and families. They live in peace with Israeli Jews and in fact, these Arabs hate Palestians, because they are tired of living in daily fear because of them.

So I say, fuck them.....these so called freedom fighters. Long Live Israel.

Show me a Jewish mother like that....or a jewish suicide bomber, for that matter.

With all due respect, the Jews don't need to become suicide bombers - they ride around in tanks and helicopter gunships that America gave them. Take those away from them, and perhaps they might behave a little more like the conventional terrorists that you see.

Hi, haven't visited in a while.

Just wanted to say hi, and tell you my new website URL

laters. TTYL

Re: Hi, haven't visited in a while.

Um, how to say this.... Piss off.

Nothing to do with me...but if you're up for a debate then the bit i have a problem with is in your carefully considered history section you say "the government take this opportunity to destroy an anti-US institution"...since when does the anti US bit become relevant...are u sure it wasn't more to do with the fact they were sheltering and helping Bin Laden and if this wasn't stopped then there would have been more attacks? Please explain...and also you seem anti US intervention (unless i'm mistaken), so what was your solution?

The Taliban didn't like the US. America doesn't like it when other countries won't play the game their way - chances are, whatever government is going to be installed in place of the Taliban, it'll have links with the US, and probably at some point allow America to build great big slave-labour factories so that American kids can wear nice clothes and shoes....

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I wonder if you are gonna sing the same tune about terrorism when your friend or a relative gets blown up to pieces in your own courntry by some suicede bumber, who had to do it, because like, he doesn't have tanks or weapons, and that's his only way, blah, blah, blah. You will still be as liberal? You will still give the word "terrorism" to describe such an act the benefit of a doubt? Common, terrorism is terrorism. And what Israel does is not terrorism. They only shoot so called innocent people when those people throw granades and stones and soldiers. Because guess what my friend? Soldiers are people too! And stones hurt, stones can kill someone. It just goes to show that Israel cares about every person, every soldier. Not like those Palestinians, who don't care about their own people, as they have shown to the world, by sending their young to the suicide missions.

Are you being sarcastic? It's hard to tell, because if the above is serious, it's total bullshit.......

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