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At work. Tired. Annoyed. Fed up. Am sulking.

*crosses arms and pouts, in as straight a fashion as he can manage*

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Do you pout in something other than a straight fashion? [Wink]

Well throwing a big girly strop isn't the most manly thing that one can do... It could easily be misconstrued, especially with the crossing of the arms...

I think you'd be able to pull it off quite well :-)

Which bit, the girlie strop, or the not-looking-gay part? :o)

I was referring more to the girly-strop part, but I'm sure you could make a decent attempt that the rest of it too..


what's wrong sweetie?

Someone stole his haribo :-P

me! I did! I steal all the haribo... especially the Star Mix

but he'll forgive me *nods*

Only cause he's secretly sleeping with the head of production at the Haribo plant and gets them for free.

This part is less spookily psychic ;o)

My monkeys were taking a nap so I had to do some quicking guess work.

You never denied it though :-P

How are you people so psychic?!

Tis a gift..

Plus I have my spy monkeys everywhere... which is how I know everything

How did you know I was eating Haribo at lunch?!!

(this is true - I was eating Star Mix)

Like I said, spy monkeys *nods*

WOW! That is pretty cool :)

I didn't even know you liked the Star Mix stuff best :)


I buy £1 bags and eat them in one go :o)

You're almost as bad as me. I used to buy 2 family packs of skittles from Woolworths and eat them both before I got home from school.

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