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Heh, just heard back from Jon. It turns out that in light of the conversation we had with the printing company with regard to the sizes of the PDF files they gave us, they went away and fixed them all for us free of charge. They changed it all around so that text is recognised as text, rather than graphics, so it's a lot smaller. All because I told them what their problem was. Hooray :o)

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Good work. I honestly have next to no idea what all of that programming stuff is, I'm a novice at it all. I hope you enjoy your time with Mel. :) Sounds like it's all good with you.

Woog for clever Jamie :-P

well done sweetie!

*proud of you*... ;)

Hahahaha ... they must be a really crap print company if they couldn't work that out!

Either that, or they're a company who couldn't be arsed to fix it, and who wanted to fob us off with the "That's just how it is" excuse.

Until we told them we knew what they were doing wrong, and that if they wanted to send us all the files, we'd take a look. I think they sensed an impending decision to do the design in-house, thus losing them a nice contract, and decided to do things our way ;o)

I shudder to think how some companies are run!

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