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Silent Mobile Phone
Bloody phone... Ring, damn you, ring!! Grr... I'm waiting for a call I may never receive, or a text message that may never come. Somehow I realise that all of this - the hyperactivity, the nervousness, the short temper - is all about a girl called Claire.

It's 2am, I'm sat in my room talking to one of the greatest girls ever to walk the face of this planet, while everybody else is off drunk somewhere. We exchange numbers, under the guise of "keeping in touch", and then hear a knock at the door. I open it, and there's a scream.

Wait. Back up. Let me start earlier...

So, when last I updated, it was yesterday sometime. The morning, I think. Claire and Alex (them what live in my flat) both had friends coming, and the entire flat was going to advance en mass to the Grapevine for some serious drinking. Alex's friend was called Caroline, and was here for moving-in day. She's smart, quick, and very funny. Claire's friend was, confusingly enough, called Claire. In an effort to avoid confusion, I will call the friend simply "Claire", and the Claire who lives with us "Our Claire". Hope it works... So anyway, Claire had arrived on Friday, but that was the night of the special (read: disgusting) cake, so I didn't spend much time in the company of the others. She's about 5'5" (at a guess), has curly ginger hair, is an x-files fan, and is just generally seriously cool :o)

Anyway, they were all here. So at 8pm we assemble in the dining room ready to go out (having previously arranged to leave at 8). At 8:30pm Vicky is ready. At 8:40pm James comes out of his room to go iron his shirt. We decide not to take any more of his time-wasting shit, and go without him. On the way down, our Claire and Claire are talking about James. Claire can't remember what he looks like, and accidentally mistakes me for him at first - oops. I felt gutted. But she was very nice about it, and said some nice things, so all was well... So, we arrived there, and we managed to get ourselves a couple of adjacent tables, and quickly colonised the area. Coats everywhere, an increasing number of empty glasses accumulating on the tables, we're really making a night of it. Let me just digress to tell you about my drinking...

For several weeks, I couldn't drink. It all started that night when I chucked up - strong alcohol just doesn't agree with me any more. Well I was determined to get hammered last night, even if it killed me, so five double brandies quickly restored my faith in my ability to hold alcohol. I had another brandy after, but that was after I came back from my search. But I haven't told you about that yet...

So anyway, putting away comfortable amounts of alcohol, we were all sat around. I got up to go to the bar to get some more drinks, and when I return, Claire is gone. By the way, my tenses are messed. I understand this, and will frown upon people telling me. I keep switching between being there, and remembering it, in how I tell it. So what. Freaking bite me... So yes, I go back to the table and Claire is gone. Odd. Give it 10 minutes, she's still gone. I ask our Claire if she's seen her, she hasn't. I look around the bar, can't find her. I wander back to the flat in case she's gone there. No luck. I wander back to the bar (the long way), calling her name, but again, no luck. By this time I'm somewhat worried (as in very worried), and when I get back to the bar, she's still not there. Another search of the place (which, incidentally, involved me going into the Gents and calling out her name - ouchies, talk about things you never want to have to do in your life...), and we're somewhat more worried. I volunteer to go out on another search for her, so I wander out, and who should I bump into at the door, but Claire. Turns out, she'd gone out for some fresh air and got seriously lost. Poor lass... Hang on, back up again, this isn't where it begins.

Claire, Alex, and our Claire had all been having an x-files drinking game. This meant taking a shot every time Mulder came on the scene, every time "aliens" or "extraterrestrials" or indeed any other word for little gray men was said, and every time there was a "Mulder-Scully-Moment". Suffice it to say, our Claire (and Claire, for that matter) was seriously drunk by this time, which goes some of the way to explaining why it was me who was out searching, not her. She would have, if she'd had the sense to. But she didn't. OK, that being said, let's skip back to where I was before.

So we found her. Hooray. Very happy. Had another drink (the single one) to celebrate, and to try to regain some of the drunken feeling that had so quickly evaporated when I suddenly got genuinely concerned. Oh well. At this point, we all went back to the flat, but not until our Claire and myself had a little fight, which involved slapping and such. Ouch. I won the moral victory though, I think. If there was one at all. Oh well, nuts to it all.

When we got back to the flat, we found that Harry and somebody else (forget who now) had gone over to Brighthelm, and since our Claire wanted more alcohol (bad thing??), we went over there. They were pleasant, the flat wasn't too crowded, and their men weren't there (who are, by all accounts, twits). Anyhow, Claire and I got bored of that pretty quickly, on account of the fact that it was... well... boring... So we told our Claire that we were going back to the flat, and went home. There was, like, nobody about, so we just went to my room to listen to music and such. We tried to watch Blade Runner and Fight Club (not simultaneously, mind... But Claire couldn't get into the films at all, so we just sat around talking for a couple of hours or so.

At one point, there was banging on the wall coming from Vicky's room. Turns out James, Vicky and Lulu were three-in-a-bed, doing I-don't-want-to-know-what... Apparently it was innocent enough, but it didn't look it... So anyway, finally, it's now 2am, I'm sat in my room talking to one of the greatest girls ever to walk the face of this planet, while everybody else is off drunk somewhere. We exchange numbers, under the guise of "keeping in touch", and then hear a knock at the door. I open it, and there's a scream. It's our Claire, who is looking for her Claire (not my Claire, just so you know), and is highly shocked to find her in my room at 2am. I just thought it was funny. She ran off screaming (as drunk people do), and Claire and I locked and bolted my bedroom door. The next time our Claire knocked on it, I opened it on the chain, and told her to stop interrupting us. She got all funny about that... It was all terribly amusing. Claire and I chatted for a while longer, then we went out to join the others. It all went, like, really weird at that point - we seemed to stop communicating at all. Perhaps she just sobered up and decided she didn't like me or something. Goodness only knows. Anyhow, at about 4:30am, they go to bed. Realising I now have no good reason to stay up, I do so too. However, I know that Claire is going home sometime this afternoon, so I didn't want to sleep through that and not see her. As a result, I set my alarm for 9:30am, and got up then, for the sole reason of getting to see her before she left. Sad? Yes. Pathetic? Yes. David Whitney? Yes. Sorry, couldn't help that one... Just kidding David, you know I think Mitch is worse ;o)

So anyway, I wake up after only a few hours of broken sleep... Yeesh... Speak to Claire a bit in the morning, but not much - doh! I missed so many chances last night, I really did - there were things that she said to which I could have replied with really good lines. The sort of stuff that worked so well on Alex and Jo, but alas failed to come out of my mouth. I was thinking them, sure, but I just didn't have the bottle to say them (odd, since I'd had a lot of alcohol). Oh well... Anyway, back to the plot, she went home at around 3pm-ish, I'm not sure exactly when. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye properly (awww, poor me, yadda yadda)... Anyway, so at 16:37:39 she sends me a text message saying "Hi", and that she enjoyed our chat last night, and such. Hooray!! I respond very fast indeed (as I so often do), but as yet, there's no reply. I took the ringing tone off my phone for text messages - a watched phone never beep beep beeps. Now I can just check it every now and again to see if there's a message.

Bloody phone. Ring, damn you, ring... I think this is about where we came in... No reception in the computer labs, so the phone won't ring. It's infuriating. Not that it'd ring anyway - I have the ringer off, because a watched pot never boils. But it should receive the message, if she sends one. I hate being such a twit sometimes... :o)

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Gimme your number, and I'll ring you, damnit

Oh, right. I already have it....

As for having spoken on the greatest person to walk the face of this planet. That's untrue. For I know the greatest person to walk the face of the planet, and she ain't called Claire


no their names are Melissa and Julia

oh wait thats not what you were thinking is it.

(and no I'm not seeing both or either of them :o), well, perhaps not for want of trying on one of their cases but like BLAH :o/ )

You're all wrong. The name of the greatest person to walk to planet is Sarah. Now shut it. :-p

Nope, not Meliaas nor Julia either

NO offence to them, I'm sure they're lovely. But they don't live up to "Best person to walk the face of the planet"


Nothing personal

Naturally, you lie... Silly child :o)



I'm an (give or take spelling) en-tro-pner

And, I neither lie, not am mistaken

It does boil - it just SEEMS like it doesn't. Play it cool... No woman on Earth can resist to humour, charm and intelligence that IS James Webley. :)

ummm you are all wrong!

The best name is REBECCA as she will be pickin gup pieces later, but she sincerely hopes not, Ohhhh good luck by the way webley, jim honestly... much head shaking.

Re: ummm you are all wrong!

You won't be picking up the pieces... Well, you might, actually. Heck, you might even get to meet her when you come down if all goes to plan :o)

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