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Heh... First ever day of work, and I've got it here:

I didn't talk much about it that day, but you know....

I love having a journal that spans 20 months :o)

PS Jhonen Vasquez clearly just wants to be me... I look at this quote of mine from an old entry
But at least now the dishwasher is on, so whatever evil bacteria had colonised the area will now be faced with lots of hot soapy water. Eat hot clean death!!!
And to be honest, "Eat hot clean death!!!" isn't so far removed from "Clean lemony fresh victory is mine", is it..... ;o)

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Are you asking me to choose between them?

I would choose cake

On the scale of Surreal Conversations this gets a 4.

A far more surreal one can be found here.

I don't know what's more worrying, the conversation or the fact that I've been there before : )

I would rate it banana point leaf.

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