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Back at work.... I missed the bus, so I had to get a lift in instead, oh well. Not to worry. Been working more on the database, just playing with the settings I've put into it, and making it a bit smarter. 'tis fun...

Oh, not to mention using Google to post to Usenet. I should point out I have nothing against amp - that place has provided me with one of my best friends, and my girlfriend. However, everybody there is just too highly strung, and I'm really not the sort of person who can resist winding people up. It's the whole reason I got into annoying people 'professionally' - it's just so easy to do, and it's fun to watch them scream at you. I'm just a big fat attention seeker really... All we need is for TMA to turn up, and then people'll start crying ;o)

Anyhow, work is sufficiently menial... Mind you, tomorrow is my last non-Melissa day this week, which is a very good thing indeed - I'm missing her so much. Still, I got to talk to her on the phone last night when she was drunk, which was amusing ;o)

I'm rambling. I'd write something meaningful, but right now I'm too fired up about the conflict in the middle east to write anything meaningful that doesn't slate Israel completely for being spoilt brats, and the US and the UK for making them that way...

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Leave Chris Conley alone

I wasn't aware that I was doing anything to him.....

Yeah, stopping picking on him, Jamie ;)


*lost the ability to form sentences*

I am tiiiiiiired.
Well, that's me excuse.

I'm clearly tired too - it took me about ten times of reading that to figure out what you thought was wrong with it - I couldn't see it the first nine times I looked :o)

Oh just fuck off, jamie's defo not worthy of saves the day

errrr. he liked them before you did. He has liked them for ages


Huh, that's odd, since I've been listening to Through Being Cool for over a year now, and nobody complained before.

"Jamie can't have Saves the Day, Jamie can't have Mel, Jamie is mean, I hate Jamie", give it a rest. You're beginning to lose my sympathy.

Are you trying to tell me he had it in the first place?

And if he is losing it, can I have it?

*batters eyelids*

I used to feel sympathetic towards him. Which is why it's taken until today for me to actually have a go. It's been three weeks, it's old news, he should be trying to move on now, not hurting himself by getting me pissed at him.

And you'll always have my sympathy ;o)

I'm not sure how I feel anymore, I usually hate being nasty to anyone. Recently however, I've been a total bastard to a few people and not only have they liked me more for it, but it also felt good.

I'm a strange little creature.

And you'll always have my sympathy ;o)

Awww, *shags*

You do know you're far too kind ;-)

*stamps feet and crosses arms*

I don't care if you want to...

tough shit :P
he's mine. only I am allowed to have sex with him :P

P.S. Yes, you being more evil is good *nods*

I agree. Mel is the only person allowed to have sex with me. Sorry Al ;o)

Bah, *sniff*, I knew I should never have bought you those flowers..

Hehe, you're so cute when you get mardy :-P

I'll try to resist, but I'm not gonna lie about wanting him ;-)

*tries to be more evil, but with less jamie sex*


I know you, and how you work, Mr. Sutton. I also know where you live. And don't you forget it


hey, I was not drunk! tipsy.. :)

you said i didn't sound drunk!



Whatever you were, you sounded very sweet :o)

She always sounds sweet anyway :-)

awww... you guys ;)


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